Like I told you in my previous post, did a proper cross country ( literal) and am back in my homestead tired, happy and contented 🥰 Below are just random snaps of all that got captured in the phone… Phone is full of myriad images, mind is still somewhere there and the heart is overwhelmed […]

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The Queen and us

We grew up learning that the Pussy Cat went to London to visit the queen. Our subservient Indian psyche always forgave her- the harmless royalty which lived in a palace, visited the commonwealth nations on ceremonies and was so enmeshed so much in her own internal issues to mind the world! Just seven decades ago, […]

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Our nation celebrates 75 years of achieving sovereinity this Monday the 15th of August. Emotional build up to the D-Day is getting big.I am unable to truly express the feelings of the two octagenerians in my family – the true midnight’s children! Ironically, Salman Rushdie of the iconic saga Midnight’s Children fame has been recently […]


The braves…

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying ‘I will try again tomorrow’. Mary Ann Radmacher What do you make of those countless nameless faces we come across daily on the streets of India- pushing carts in the scorching sun, carrying sacks on their backs and […]

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Down that lane…

I am not going to give any more thought to Russia, Ukraine or NATO… utter nonsense! Humans indulge in such sport when they have surplus to eat and enough to waste, I guess. We in India can’t afford war as a luxurious extra curricular activity…We have lost much too many in our seven decades of […]

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and it’s December

We have hurtled into December and 2021 won’t be missed by millions of people around the world. It surpassed its predecessor in notoriety; ravaging the world and leaving scars all around! Last December, we prayed, but not hard enough I guess. The year started with so many wishes and what did we finally get? The […]

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Jai Ganesh

It’s his birthday today. Our homes are reverberating with hymns and chants in his honour. One of the most mystical Gods of our Santana dharma (Hinduism in popular culture), he with an elephant head, pleasing rotund appearance, and an amiable disposition is loved by one and all in India…There is a gamut of meaning attached […]

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My beloved country

India celebrates its 75th independence day on this 15th of August 2021. As innocent children long ago, the concept of nation, national boundaries and India as a geopolitical entity; all were limited to Geography, History and Civics text books. An inch of distortion in drawing it to scale would invite a reduced score in the […]

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Re reading…White Tiger

When The White Tiger made an entry into the Academy Awards with a nomination for the best adapted screenplay… I kind of sat up and took notice. What prompted this selection? Was the book worth retelling on celluloid? I had almost not believed Arvind Adiga then. More than a decade later, the movie ( The […]

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Smell of rain…

It appeared first on my blogosphere as one of the quirky taglines of a blogsite. Curious hunting on Google revealed a treasure of information including its scientific cause. Going further… Australia had already beaten the Indians at naming the phenomenon!Oh what a drop. Inspite of giving Zero and Yoga to the world, we couldn’t patent […]

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