Jai Ganesh

It’s his birthday today. Our homes are reverberating with hymns and chants in his honour. One of the most mystical Gods of our Santana dharma (Hinduism in popular culture), he with an elephant head, pleasing rotund appearance, and an amiable disposition is loved by one and all in India…There is a gamut of meaning attached to his persona and appearance… I have attached a depiction of the symbolism we revere. I have seen him being equally loved by people in Thailand. Equally amazing was to see soft drinks offered to him in Bangkok… He sure is one cool dude 🀠

He removes obstacles. We begin all new projects in our lives with a prayer to Lord Ganesh. Ganpati is one of his other popular names. His getting an elephant head is a fantastic story in itself. His father Lord Shiva severed his head out of ire and then circumstances led to a replacement with an elephant head. This short recount was in order, for those of you who wouldn’t want to Google search…😁

I have always maintained a love- hate relationship with him and he seems okay with that. God who is personification of super intelligence, probably knows it all. There was a time when out of chagrin for an unfulfilled wish I held a grudge for a considerable amount of time, shunned visiting his temple and taking his name. And then, silently the wish got fulfilled. My visits to his place resumed. We both continue as though nothing happened in between… He sure is cool, proven beyond doubt.

Happy Birthday dear Ganeshji πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜Š

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