The Queen and us

We grew up learning that the Pussy Cat went to London to visit the queen. Our subservient Indian psyche always forgave her- the harmless royalty which lived in a palace, visited the commonwealth nations on ceremonies and was so enmeshed so much in her own internal issues to mind the world!

Just seven decades ago, we were her dominion, our people her slaves and our future under her gavel, but she still surfaced above all and managed to get hallmarked by Indian jwellers on their gold and silver coins, in such huge numbers! next only to our godess of wealth Lakshmi

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II sure was a charismatic personality, always as pretty as a frosting on a Wedding Cake, in her svelte attires and hats, setting parameters for royals and royalties around the world to emulate. The world knows only one Queen and that was she.

There has been a deluge of condolences and fond remembrances, outside Buckingham and on social media and we Indians can’t forget our erstwhile ruler just like that. We in India have gone above and beyond in admiring her persona and grieving her passing on…

The change in guard is taking place in her Kingdom, but for us Indians… it’s London Bridge has fallen down… my sweet lady (forever)πŸ’πŸ™πŸ’•