Come September

September is almost here, a lovely month, cusp of summer and winter, Libra and Scorpio and the birth month of my most favourite person on this Earth. For me, it is a mild and happy time of the year. Festivals are round the corner, and a major chunk of the year has thankfully gone past. So, without much ado, let me make a song and dance about September 🤣

Come September!

That was the theme music from the movie Come September that always rings a bell and you start humming along. Since we are talking this movie, how can I not share the famous fast number … You simply can’t miss the handsome Rock Hudson and gorgeous Gina Lollabrigida gyrating to the beats…

Now this is Wow-September!

We have a great many dancers in India, classical, cinematic and even otherwise so; the variety in gyrations are more out here, although these particular ones remind me of the signature moves of our Bollywood stalwart Late Shammi Kapoor. In fact, Shammi Kapoor was better!

Incidentally, Come September theme track also inspired a Bollywood number with the same opening notes, enacted by our diva Madhuri Dixit with a ‘then newbie’ Sanjay Kapoor, some three decades ago!

No September? Nevertheless… Enjoy ☺️

This block is an addendum to the original post. I recently received a beautiful version of Come September in medley form of classical Indian flavour mixed with Western. Sharing it here Hope you enjoyed the glimpses. Random musings take strange turns at times, isn’t it!

So after due attention to Hollywood and Bollywood, comes a beautiful part of September which stands out. Here’s to you bae, may you bloom beautiful and strong 🎊

Happy Birthday!

9 thoughts on “Come September

  1. I love September for here it is Spring, finally, and there are always weddings scheduled, flower gardens blooming and nature is full of surprises every day. We have had a wet winter so there are going to be lots of wildflowers. It is autocratic to believe that a date on a calendar means that nature must suddenly obey but….even the air smells different, herbal and warm. Thank goodness because it has been a long winter!

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