and it’s December

We have hurtled into December and 2021 won’t be missed by millions of people around the world. It surpassed its predecessor in notoriety; ravaging the world and leaving scars all around! Last December, we prayed, but not hard enough I guess. The year started with so many wishes and what did we finally get? The virus marauded us… taking away our loved ones.

I rummaged through the year, looking for some happy, some memorable moments… Jan and Feb had filled us with so much hope, March brought in fear, April wreaked havoc, May and June were full of tragedy and pain. July was a month of nature’s fury all around but August gave some glimmer of hope, yet again. Came September and I got positively adventurous, started traveling, and October finally filled us again with uplifting ideas of invincibility! All national planners and planning reached the year 2050, nothing less. But November came with ominous news. Mutants, variants all looming large and then…

December! We are back to statistics and numbers, rumours, fear mongering… airports and travel in a seize. Waiting for the disaster to strike? No, not in India. Provincial Assembly elections are around the corner in our country yet again. Domestic virologists are going slow with their predictions for some more time. Election campaign, cricket, travel, economy all should go on. Two years of confinement, new words in our lexicon and the undying spirit! With such optimism, we tread on, specially we the 1.39 billion! The recent happenings in Nagaland and the fatal crash of our Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat with his entourage of wife and personnel have marred the optimism to an extent, but it’s all up to the media… They are capable of pushing things out of collective memory! In addition, a dear friend lost her beloved little daughter Akshiti to sudden illness, plunging us all in a heartbreaking gloom.( Wish there was a way to ameliorate the pain of all bereaved)

This too shall pass and thoughts of a better 2022 flit across the mind with every prayer. Christmas is only a fortnight away and may the Almighty take away all the pain and misery of the people and make way for a blessed new year…

22 thoughts on “and it’s December

    1. Amen.. Wish our prayers be heard.. …the virus is gone forever…..N each one of us have beautiful n happy year filled with good health… Very well penned down our pain n thoughts sush…

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  1. As always you penned very well again Sushmita. Indeed we are passing through very difficult times. Amen to your prayers . Lets wish for a very happy and peaceful 2022.

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  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! Let there be lights and laughter; hope and warm hearth to retire to …. to look forward to the chimes announcing The END to this all…. as from Shelley … let the clarion blow over plains and valleys announcing release from captivity from within the borders, within the four walls, within our own soul! Amen!

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