How to try not to lose…

resolve on a weightloss diet!…yeah, another one in the series 😁

Wonder how people stop at munching a raw salad while a creamy, fully loaded spaghetti carbonara arrives across the table!Takes a very strong will, almost a soldier like determination and a self curated image of a svelte self at the end of the tunnel!I embarked on such a journey during a ‘fix it’ state of mind. Sharing the tips out here…

Pick on your food, kept reminding myself at a party while the best of hors d’oeuvres passed me by… there is a limit to self restraint so tucked in a couple of cheese pops…downed it all with loads of water and called it a day! Imagine only 02 measly cheese balls for dinner. It sure made me gorge down a bowl of soupy noodles on reaching home, before hitting the sack!

Don’t be an early bird at the buffet counter anywhere in the world … the food is presented too well to stay far away from you… I have ended up sampling almost every thing and four times the calories required to last me a lifetime… Wait till they have marauded the tables and very little is left appealing… You will spoon in less out of sheer disgust. This sounds Okay for lessons on dieting… but a well laid out table beacons like a charm!

Don’t look at the deserts… uh huh! And let those creamy, chocolicious delights feel abandoned by me… a spoonful of this and that won’t kill me. Afterall, it has to be back to sugarless tea and coffee the very next day, no harm done.

Don’t do carbs. I didn’t. The occasional breads and hash browns were only to break the monotony of a green clean salad. Plus, there is something about western food in a dietier’s vocabulary, it ain’t calorific! Potatoes have never hurt anyone, the most harmless and bonhomous character of the vegetable kingdom, I can recognise a life saver there 😁

So, if you love your creamy pastas, chocolate mousse ,hash browns, and (my types in Indian subcontinent) our own butter chicken, malai kofta, pooris and paranthas and all the syrupy rasgullas and gulabjamuns; the only way out of this quagmire is to go back to my previous post! Yeah, that is do-able.

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