He is right…

“What does not kill me makes me stronger” -Friedrich Nietzsche (German: Was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker) is part of aphorism number 8 from the “Maxims and Arrows” section of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Twilight of the Idols (1888). This maxim sums up my zeal for moving on…in a big way! Afterall, what makes us? What […]

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Decoding life…

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why. Mark Twain Meaning of life… purpose of living, what does it all mean kinda issues come drifting in, time and again. I believe it happens to every individual, someday or the other, sooner or […]

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The phoney phone

Sorry, I lost your number as my phone conked out… – everyone Last ten odd years, this excuse gets oft repeated by acquaintances and friends alike. A certain slip in human behaviour is straight away blamed on the man made apparatus 😂 Keeping in touch is slowly being reduced to occasional season’s greetings, random forwarded […]

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Where was I looking…

when Time hoodwinked me? Some of my friends are turning grey at the temples . Even the guy who has my heart started getting silver highlights…😃 When my friends were getting portly, I wondered what was stopping them from keeping in shape! One should try and get into jeans to keep a tab on the […]

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The ultimate lesson…

You get nothing for nothing. ‘ have been checking all my worldly belongings, my knowledge, my learnings, my loves, hates and even the so called inner peace today ☮️ What all left behind or abandoned to have these today? One by one, letting go – habits, people, emotions, belongings, posessions and above all the knowledge […]

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So what have you learnt?

So far? In life? In an institution? Hash total of all of them together ? Try answering them. I bet you are almost about to scoff out – “nothing”! Or come out with some profoundly wise and weighty words like… resilience, acceptance, honesty, humility, or pedantic stuff like engineering, medicine, architecture, business management etc… Once […]

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This and that

No end to woes, it seems Covid likes reruns…race for cure began, vaccine came, but new strains came in stronger. Hope we Indians can resist this virus as well. However, I traveled and traversed my country, from the extreme South to the East in all PPE and social distancing that an economy class ticket of […]

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Came across these interesting words which got the thoughts rolling👇 What about it? 📎Like the girl who so madly wanted to marry her college heartthrob, but he spurned her. She went on to be a senior bureaucrat in the Government, while he, the charmer couldn’t manage himself something as glamourous… she met him 20 years […]

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With our country getting beautiful highways, road trips are winning favour with those who love to take to the road on weekends. Escaping the routine to be the wanderer, the nomad… the human being with limited belongings and limited desires, at least for that limited period. Wide roads with panoramic views are taking someone somewhere […]

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