So what have you learnt?

So far?

In life?

In an institution?

Hash total of all of them together ?

Try answering them.

I bet you are almost about to scoff out – “nothing”!

Or come out with some profoundly wise and weighty words like… resilience, acceptance, honesty, humility, or
pedantic stuff like engineering, medicine, architecture, business management etc…

Once you hang your boots up, what stays? Of the learning I mean? Nothing, just formal words to define your education. Education limited to scores of words in books? Or something more than that, beyond the visible syllabus?

I am still waiting to hear a simple one word answer- “living”

Both learning and living are so intertwined, that it stumps me often… No event is without a life lesson. Came across these beautiful words by Mahatma Gandhi:

12 thoughts on “So what have you learnt?

  1. beeeeeeeautiful piece of writing .
    short n uncomplicated but supra meaningful ….it actually made me take a pause n think .
    tx for such gorgeous writing ….

    Liked by 1 person

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