Thought for food

Just one thought perhaps…?

Today, its about these stylish food shows on TV. Especially the ones with chefs from the European, American and Australian shows! Just finished watching Season 12 of MasterChef Australia.

These cook offs and exclusive shows by Michelin starred chefs are a big draw for my kind of people, who love feeding their eyes on the gorgeous food, watching the preparation, the process and the presentation with a keen eye. Masterchef Australia has always been a favourite, more so for its hosts and the format.

To start with, I am mesmerized by those gigantic cloches. These cloches always reveal miniscule portions but beautifully crafted dishes. Such expertise, so many products- from farm produce to free range n all that go in from a heavenly pantry, complimented by wonderful gadgets, gastronomical processes and chemical blitzkrieg ( with liquid nitrogen, and also torching, gassing, smoking, hibachi-ing, and confit-ing of food) leading up to exotic and gourmet dishes. Presentations, oh so beautiful… but for your eyes only. And then comes the icing on the cake…the judges’ appreciation! What adjectives, how eclectic- the descriptions… flowing, melting, lilting and blending in my senses to evoke absolute reverence.

The other day, one smart little cookie in my home was trying the same vocabulary on a dish cooked by yours truly, and I was almost charmed. The words had the potential to get me slaving some more to please his epicurean taste buds 😀

So why this open thought on food shows suddenly? I have to be honest here. I have to tell you how my heart almost bled when the whole king fish got trashed by a contestant on the show- the beautiful fish all ruined and mangled after a small fillet was extracted from it. The other day, another young cook from Sydney just dumped into the trash can, a whole roast chicken as it was dry and overdone. I cried-
” I could have worked wonders with it”. And my son with his newly acquired high school wisdom exclaimed-
“Mom they can afford to waste it as they are MEDCs( more economically developed countries)”

Hence, this whine🤷 They shave off too much of good stuff and throw away far too many palatable and edible things. Some dishes face rejection after being called- “overcooked, undercooked, not pink enough, not brown enough, overpowering, bland, icy, acidic” and what not! They loftily slide off good food into dustbins! Truly cringe-worthy moment for the advocates of “affordable food for all”.

Ironical isn’t it…that these nations spearhead United Nations’ WFP.

18 thoughts on “Thought for food

  1. Wow Sushmita, I appreciate you speaking up with this less mentioned issue! 👍 Most of the time, I feel the same thing. Too much precious resources have been wasted in careless manners, esp when millions still suffer hunger around the world….

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  2. so beautifully described ..keep the good work going sush ….since i am a veg i hardly watch these shows but my heart bleeds when people waste food ..n r not ready to feed a hungry person

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  3. A much needed one regarding food wastage. Every single time they cut veggies I want to say ‘Bro, just use your knife a wee bit more na.😅’

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  4. Thoughts well described on the wastage of food as so many efforts of so many people are invested on the dishes served in our plate. Right from the farmers in the fields sowing – harvesting – packing – processing – market – kitchen – cook and then finally in the plates. So value the hardwork and stop wasting the food

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