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No end to woes, it seems Covid likes reruns…race for cure began, vaccine came, but new strains came in stronger. Hope we Indians can resist this virus as well. However, I traveled and traversed my country, from the extreme South to the East in all PPE and social distancing that an economy class ticket of a budget airline can vouch for!

Food is essential for survival though some people have managed to survive on air and water alone for days, especially politicians on hunger strike and the ascetics in the Himalayas. That is not the case with air travellers of our country. A short haul of 50 minutes or a longish one of three hours, all give rise to hunger pangs and mandate munching on in-flight goodies. While the airline ensured that I packed myself in an astronaut outfit before boarding the flight, and gave a five minute valedictory speech on how the airline had been following all Covid protocol, the air hostesses merrily wheeled in refreshments and started encouraging passengers to pay and eat and drink. Off came the shields and masks and my fellow passengers indulged in food delightful! Food over, masks were back in place, topped up with shields, and it was dangerous Covid times all over again! The virus sure hung around in the aisles while the impoverished people ate to their heart’s content. Covid can wait. Not that I didn’t look longingly at the Chicken sandwich and coffee…

We had a continuous stand off with China in our Ladakh region throughout 2020.The early pictures showed both sides in masks, stancing antagonists et al, but the irony of it all dawned on them and finally when it was a full blown scuffle, all masks and social distancing got dumped down Pangyong Tso. Battlefield is no place for the Oriental virus to thrive.

‘Got robbed in my hometown in broad daylight, for the first time in this lifetime ( don’t know if there is more to come), The prompt police blamed it on listless unemployed youth looking for some excitement due to lockdown job cuts. They discouraged me from following the case up as the robbers were also with full Covid masks and police was clueless … Blame it on the virus.

A virus can change the fabric of a society; this has been proved beyond doubt, as human survival takes over all social gimmickry. Weddings and funerals being binding factors in the Indian context, have been eye openers in the recent times. The virus has successfully imparted a life-lesson at what all can you manage without. When attendees numbers were compulsorily reduced, it was about making do with barest minimum people and paraphernalia. Covid reduced expenses, alright, but also reduced the need for bonding between neighbours, relatives and friends…

A refrain that has been ringing loud and clear throughout…”No need to risk your life”

Hence “social distancing” is here to stay.

2 thoughts on “This and that

  1. Nice one dear. Very apt too. This virus is being used by the people and for the people everywhere. When you have political morchas and marches , the virus gets scared. Hence nobody bothers about social distancing or worries about masks.
    But when you need to help your
    neighbours or friends or relatives to take him/ her to the hospital, the virus comes in. Preparations were on at the varsities to conduct offline semester examinations but lo! With elections knocking at the door, the government does not think it’s wise to open the college gates for students. This may invite political clashes.
    So students stay home and give your exams online.

    Here it’s : no need to risk your vote.

    With covid we have learnt that everything can wait. Studies can wait and wait and wait. But politics can never wait. It’s always emergency.

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