The phoney phone

Sorry, I lost your number as my phone conked out…

– everyone

Last ten odd years, this excuse gets oft repeated by acquaintances and friends alike. A certain slip in human behaviour is straight away blamed on the man made apparatus 😂

Keeping in touch is slowly being reduced to occasional season’s greetings, random forwarded jokes and forwarded views of politically active self appointed life coaches! So inter-expectations are also reduced to zero, what with the phone-y thing in between…We all know, right?

Forget friends and acquaintances, too much price to pay to keep up with all and sundry. The pandemic taught us self preservation and making do without socialising. Too much Human expectations to handle versus those of this new best friend – all you need to keep it happy is electrical and data charge! And it comes in handy to disconnect at the fastest pace – “lost your number!” Simple 🤷

But did I tell you that I have gleefully jumped on to the bandwagon and have learnt the fine art of ‘blame it on the phone’!

This practice of course comes with a warning: please do not use it on parents and people who you think love you.

5 thoughts on “The phoney phone

    1. Hehe 😀 that is true. The phone does go off and so does our only possible connect! Thank you so much for dropping in to read, like and add to this post… Polkadot days girl! 😍


  1. Your writing and observations are as meticulously astute as ever, dear Sushmita🌷. This topic indeed needs to be addressed urgently since we have slowly losing contact with what makes us human: the real connection and a sense of belonging. Bravo to you!🥂🥳

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