We are all doctors…

This goes out to all of us who are in the bad habit of doling advice ( mostly medical, that too: unsolicited) at the drop of a sneeze/ cough or grunt!

A recent bout of illness brought in so much of advice and ‘home cures’ that I got well in straight 72 hours, or else… the viral fever sure would have lasted for three days, at least! 😁

Most of us feel doctor- like when it comes to advising others on home remedies and cures. Benign stuff is still acceptable, but what about people who go all out to prescribe medicines, do’s and don’ts, some home procedures too at times and what not!

Google is a huge contributor to our home grown medical practice. From proscription to prescription, this encyclopaedia of diseases and cures gives the biggest nightmare to the real time doctors. The educated ( at least net-savvy) patient and his attendants ask questions and counter questions to every prognosis and diagnosis! The doctors dread this kind, I am sure.

These days, one more breed of humans to be cautious of are the sooth sayers! those who seemingly provide Spiritual solution to others, through talks/ social media and paid sessions. They are those talking sweet, patronising and condescending kind of self proclaimed , ‘in love with their own voice’ kind of men and women who failed at several ventures to make it big and finally settled at using their gift of the gab. It always makes me wonder what they did before talking life lessons! Nothing much wonderful came out of their pasts… So Beware.

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