Decoding life…

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why.

Mark Twain

Meaning of life… purpose of living, what does it all mean kinda issues come drifting in, time and again. I believe it happens to every individual, someday or the other, sooner or later . Summer of 2020 was a sabbatical for lot many of us.

A kind of self actualisation happened during the Covid lockdowns. Add to it, the calm that ensued. Life, it’s goal, purpose and meaning all started playing right before our eyes on a daily basis. What did we all come up with? The meaninglessness of the great rat race. Good health and a happy state of mind came out winners amongst all pursuits. All the silky glib talks being broadcast by living mortals on how to live life in a certain way became an absolute hogwash…

So, do you think; this ‘one size fits all’ formula of life as propagated by these life -coaches works? They keep giving sweet talk pills and verbal placebo to the clueless while they amass wealth and float equities in the marketplace. Decoding our miseries for us makes them rich! Here in India, they own helicopters, multi million empires and a few also ride Harleys… just for bringing in peace and harmony to this earth! How can your arrival in this world have the same purpose as mine?I don’t hold equity in your holdings!

What bugs me even more is all that social media stuff on soul search which gets thrown my way. I hate them but my friends still try their best by offloading lots of forwarded stuff on to me, lest I perish for want of this enlightenment ☺️ Do you by any chance get carried away?! I used to, but Covid times brought it to an end.

And for once I feel, I need not be a coder to decode the meaning of my life… I love this journey and it’s gradual revelations!

13 thoughts on “Decoding life…

    1. All well that ends well…. Seriously last couple of years were testing/taxing times of our lives ..led to great realisation, in ur own words “Good health and a happy state of mind came out winners “.. we do get bugged by tsunami of forwards but at the end of the day those life quotes and anecdotes do make a mark and endorse our own self bhi bolo pal yahan jebhar jiyo jo hai sama kal ho na ho.. keep writing Sush.. it’s lovely as always ❤️

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    1. Well said sush, corona taught us a life lesson, keep writing yr blogs connect us with realities of life.. On a happy note keep saying All is well

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  1. Dear Sushimita

    Hello from the UK. Many thanks for your post. You say “So, do you think; this ‘one size fits all’ formula of life as propagated by these life -coaches works?”

    No, I don’t. Of course it works to make money for life coaches as you say. We are all individual and need to realise that. But we are all family, all related, part of the human race.

    As regards lockdowns many people took stock of their lives and realised they did have to rush around like mad causing stress and mayhem.

    I wrote this on the pros and cons of lockdowns if you are interested.

    Kind regards

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