Last night…

It was difficult to sleep. The mind was abuzz with the happenings of the day. Some cruel, some disdainful and a few hopeless moments crept under the eyelids and refused to go. Applying all maxims and wonderful pacifiying quotes on self, I conjured up a brave front.

When you hurt within, what is the solution? Do you recall all the wonderful social media posts on springing back and never getting defeatist ideas? Or do you cry with self pity? I for one go for the latter option and feel refreshed 😁So after washing my sorrows away ,I almost lulled the brain to sleep when I was back with a start.

Now what? I needed to start breakfast at the break of dawn, as a couple of tiffin boxes needed content before it was a real morning! So my mind went over the recipe, the larder, the refrigerator and finally when all the the check boxes got ✅ I could ease into a peaceful state of sleepiness. The time- two past midnight.

Mind was calm, and not much wafted in. But a well timed silly chirp- intermittent but persistent kept nagging me to get up and take a look at the source. I did. Just the home gecko with identity crisis issues. All need their share of limelight, these days.

Thus is life ☺️☺️ Happy weekend folks.

32 thoughts on “Last night…

  1. Insomnia hits when it hits. However what throws us off-balance is the clock ticking in our mind and the need for us to stick to our routine. That really stresses one out, leading to further sleeplessness.
    I generally switch on an audio book and am snoozing in no time. If I have thoughts? I pen them down.
    I hope you find, Sushmita what works for you. I liked how you expressed yourself in this post.
    Happy Weekend!

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  2. Hi Sush very correctly penned down. I could really identify with your thoughts. Usually it is something small, a tiny nagging thought or insecurity which creeps in and slowly becomes a monster.Loved reading the piece.Lots of love to you.

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  3. When you are hurt within……..JUST LET IT GO…There is Absolutely no benefit of mulling over it on your mind, body or soul. Just let it pass as such.

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    1. Yes, you are right but the human mind is ridden with the power of recall and letting go is only possible with passage of time, don’t you think so? Thank you for reading and putting across your kind thoughts


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