Back to School!

Two long years of school from home. How I wish… if only this pandemic thingy had visited us when we were kids. It would have been a pure closure… No www, no laptop, no school from home! Usually it took all the meditative and mediative powers between God and me to declare a holiday on a perfectly fine working day. Imagine, getting 365 days twice over!

Still vividly remember praying under my breath all the way to school on a dismal day of class test and assignments, hoping against hope to see a notice on the main gate declaring a surprise ‘no school day’ due to a sudden demise of a certain someone important! This was one of my regular wishes / seldom heard by the good Lord! God forgive me 🙏 but the glee usually was indescribable when such windfall happened out of the blue.

These new age kids probably didn’t feel the pinch of the love-hate relationship with school. The education system now metes out such white gloved treatment- ‘tender minds, emotional support and what not! No corporal punishment, no pulling of ears and no ‘get out of the class’! Holidays outnumber their ‘at school study hours’😏 My cribs are unending.

But then came March of 2020. The pandemic kept these kids home, and after the novelty of late waking up, no uniform and no school bus wore off, the fatigue set in. Much too soon in our case as my adolescent junior would have loved to spread his wings without his mom watching over him 24×7!

Finally, when this new normal seemed to have been settling in, the pandemic weakened. Poof! School beckons and the relief outdoes the trials and tribulations of going to school and the holed up new age humans are raring to go!

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