Eating plants and animals!

This never ending debate of vegetarianism vs non vegetarianism gets to me sometimes. How do I justify my crazy craving for a delicious Chicken fry or home cooked fish curry? Eat plants and fruits, stems and roots, bulbs and leaves? Yoghurt and Cottage cheese? Now a new school of thought discourages even dairy!

After being in the company of vegetarians, I resolved to turn veg. Why kill harmless birds and animals for meat, they reasoned and I went along with the humane idea till I crossed KFC!

We humans still have four cannines remaining, for meat I suppose. So let me gnash and gnaw till evolution blunts or sharpens them and adds or deletes some more, for better or for worse.

Then some vegans visited me and I bought the argument that dairy was still an animal product, so Go-Vegan! The perils of turning a vegan comes to light when you realise that ice-cream, chocolates, cookies, yoghurts, butter, cheese and all the yummy things will vanish from your life! They contain dairy. Give up meats, fish, dairy… ooh no; have only one life to live.

One more cheat’s way of food has crept in. Eggitarianism! You remain a vegetarian but are kind to yourself on the subject of Hen’s eggs. So fluffy cakes and yummy omlettes make their way in without much fuss, “egg afterall came before the chicken”. Convenience overides belief!

So, if I can correctly describe myself, yes I am an omnivore- I eat plants and animals, the before, the after and whatever comes in between!!

16 thoughts on “Eating plants and animals!

  1. I can totally visualize your facial expressions and your emotions as I am reading this.
    I can’t do without the comfort foods either ๐Ÿ™‚ Go Sush !!

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  2. Chomp on whatever pleases you…………Vegan?……oh my!….when you have all and want to go through the pain of …..having nothing…go ahead…each her own

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  3. Let me bring forward to you that the basic criterion of human evolution is , “the varied diet ” for the most evolved order primates to which our species belong. And nature thus provides us with different kinds of teeth to enjoy the same.
    Food has much to do with geography where we live in, the mood, the hunger and of course the choice and taste. Eat everything nutritious and nutrition is best derived when the brain says, aha the food is yum!
    Go for it dear. Yes we have one life to live.
    Let the world go crazy with the latest version , ” keto diet “.

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  4. I’m an ‘eggitarian’ n enjoys all the fancy ‘fluffy’ yums the cheat way ! I do love the winged n leggy ones a lot, but as you rightly said the choice is ours to make, and our life is all ours to live ! So do go chomp n chew as much as you like dear girl! Just the way I savor my choices. โค

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    1. I actually love the fastidious tastes of a pure eggitarian! Making all appropriate sounds of disdain towards the chicken eater across the table,he neatly polishes off the eggs!


  5. I luv all kinds of food cooked deliciously.
    One thing I noticed, as I m growing older, desire for non-veg has reduced drastically.
    No wonder, oldies are the biggest proponents of “veggies” (100 chuhe kha ke billi haj ko chali).
    My all time favourite is “taiyar saadam ” , curd rice that u get in Tamil Nadu.


  6. So immaculately u described the inner dilemmaโ€™s of every omnivores. Being a foodie myself my mind has constantly being on war when I try to bend towards my conscience in the process of being environment conscious but couldnโ€™t fight my stubborn taste buds. And I end up giving up. I would rather hang in between like you said. Such a relatable write up .loved it.

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