Mother’s day…

Rights, Responsibilities, Duties…

Certification, Endorsement, Advertisement…


Who is driving us, especially the urban Indian crowd, towards these titular days?Who decides that the usually hapless mother needs to be thanked with a card, a gift and some words of endearment this one day in the year?A photo has to follow this exhibition of love and then posted on public spaces in order to…???

So those who don’t advertise on fb and Twitter about how much they love their mothers are goners?Is there anyone out there who can convince me against my wayward thoughts?I like the sweet gestures of innocence where in a Little one draws a thank you card, cooks up a dish for his/ her mamma or wants to do all mom- jobs for the day!

But there are poor desperate Indian mammas needing knee replacement surgery, kidney transplant, angioplasty, bypass surgery and all other high denomination expressions of love…

Why is their longetivity weighed against these investments of no return? Let it be… A card and a bouquet of roses will do for the time being!

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