Sooth sayers

There seems to be endless woes and countless emotional pain in these harsh and tumultuous times. With social media adding to the mayhem in the human mind; our pain, agony and anguish have also transcended from the make belief world of the www!

With it, a new breed of sooth sayers are also making inroads through our smartphones. Its these 5-10 minutes clips, a booster dose for the wilting soul and there is one for everyone. From religious heads to philanthropists to Corporate Heads to real psychologists, each one is talking, reaching out invisible hands to us, teaching a life lesson.On human bonds, on relationships, on stress, on work culture, on human/humane behavior, on green Earth, on healthy diet, on anger, on love, on filial piety and what have you?!

Home grown gurus to international speakers on TED talks, TEDX and BRUT n what not! If you are going errant, help is just a few texts or forwards away!!Application and practice may not be practically possible for most of us as we get vary of the size of the download and religiously forward such knowledge before we see or hear it completely. “Who has the time?” But if you chance to go through it, it does make sense.

If only one could listen, if only one could emulate, if only one could keep n not delete when the storage space ran dry! The panacea, the balm, is only a download away. I sometimes sit up and wonder- “so I am not alone. The angst is rampant. The malady universal and medicine is also within us. Us alone.”

20 thoughts on “Sooth sayers

  1. Social media has added to pain further. It has in fact brought more miseries in life. People are getting disconnected with reality and real people….

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