Let’s call her Sita and move on?

Here is a beautiful Hindu textual/legendary reference to the baby named-Sita👇

Valmiki’s Ramayana: In Valmiki’s Ramayana and Kamban’s Tamil epic Ramavataram, Sita is said to have been discovered in a furrow in a ploughed field, believed to be Sitamarhi in Mithila region of present-day Bihar, and for that reason is regarded as a daughter of Bhūmi Devi (the goddess earth). She was discovered, adopted and brought up by Janaka, king of Mithila and his wife Sunaina.

Heavens and Earth moved for her, to keep her, cherish her and annoint a goddess status on her. And thus a legend was born approximately 2500 years ago. She is an undeniable pillar in the Hindu history…a figure of reverence, epitome of wifely duties and an edifice of womanliness. She became the better half of King Ram or Bhagwaan Ram(God Ram), and was the reason behind Ravana’s destruction.

Now move to this news item in the Times of India, 13th October, Circa 2019👇

Shouldn’t we rejoice – after all another Sita has emerged out of the soil isn’t it ?! This Sita held on to her teeny weeny life even after 48 hrs, after her family? so ironically gifted death to her.

Maybe she will live…

and the doctors will hand her over to Child Welfare Dept, which in turn will put her in an orphanage,

…and she may get adoptive parents, and she may blaze a trail, brighter than Sita.

Questions are the same. Rejected due to… she being a Girl child or an illegitimate child? What do you think?

Will her biological mother/parents/family ever think of the poor little soul with a small little beating heart, fluttering limbs and her umbilical cord still intact, that they so benevolently offered to Mother Earth?

19 thoughts on “Let’s call her Sita and move on?

  1. Heart wrenching realities. It’s deeply saddening to see such a plight of a newly born girl where on one side we worship them if they are of stone and on the other abandon them if they breathe.

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  2. She certainly is Sita, as every girl child in this Ramayana country is. Whether she becomes Janaki by getting a Janaka remains to be seen, but it is time efforts are made to make every man in the country Janaka, who is described as a Maharshi – being a king and yet unaffected by it, like a lotus leaf in water and still untouched by it. That detachment alone can end the craze for male child.

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    1. Yes sir, these little discarded souls are always in need of a King Janak! Our mindsets have to change, or rather jettison old pedagogy of family hierarchy for giving place to a girl child.


  3. Sita’s circumstances are very different from the today’s harsh kalyug. She was discovered as it was meant to be. That too to a king who was worthy of her. He himself was a realized soul. She was brought up on par with prince and princesses in that era, the test to find her the groom was based on her being the only person who could lift and string Shiva’s bow. So many facts and figures about sita’s time just cant be compared to today’s. We have no Ram’s so there can be no Sita’s. Give this little girl the love, freedom and confidence and see how she’ll grow and blossom. Not into a Sita, cause that era will never come back but a true Shakti as all women rightfully are.

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    1. Sushmita, i love the ideas behind your blogs. Its not all mushy and sweet but there is thought and want for action. We dont read and forget. We read and want to re-read. Love it. Keep writing,

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    2. Even today women are subjected to double standards -her chastity was doubted & she forced twice to prove it. Janaka was considered a Maharshi. i don’t recall who (Valmiki?) when asked to name the greatest Rishi said it was Janaka as he, like a lotus leaf, was in wealth but remained untouched by it)

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      1. Naarada I think. They had the bowl of water face off. You are right, its the double standards. But it’s women again behind it. The ‘ janani (birth giver) ’ has to bring about the change at home. It will happen, I am positive.

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  4. Yes ma’am, may your words come true… its all about the male-centric ideas that guide the conservative thought stream that in turn creates such disruption in the naturally designed processes and norms. The human being is down to showing more animalistic tendencies…Personal thoughts 🙏


  5. Well written about the ways a girl child is treated in today’s progressive world. Though we call ourselves modern but still differentiate between gender and class. So sad…

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