Stop Shopping?

This sure triggered a long chain of self questioning thoughts. These thoughts were in stark contrast to my learnings at the haloed portals of one of the mightiest Management schools of India-“women are great logisticians”. Women can spearhead inventory management of any organisation and come out winners… example quoted”the benign and innocent housewife/home maker-she can stock, hoard and provide”!👍😀

Coming onto the newspaper trigger-

Can I stop shopping?We(I) have soaps for every bathroom, plus a supply for at least three replacements. We have provisions in our larder for a battalion if they were thus ordered to take shelter in my home for the night. Clothes… need I say anything at all?? Most of us are small Imeldas in our own right; shoes and handbags to match outfits and as many outfits to match our moods and so called lifestyles- casuals, formals, festive, conservative, party wear, dressing up, dressing down, nightwear, loungewear, beachwear and travel wear!!

Can we stop shopping? Every holiday to a new place means adding some more eclectic and unnecessary trinket to the household. When we are done stuffing our homes, we target our near and dear ones… one more fridge magnet, one more souvenir for the drawing room, one more stole for the lady, one more beer mug for the gentleman… its endless… love displayed through dispensable lucre, material reminders…

I remember the good old days of my childhood when shopping for clothes was only twice a year, on the festivals of Holi and Dushehra, we never minded repeats in the same festival season. Food was simple home cooked Indian affair. Nothing was dumped in the larder/refrigerator because it came in a buy two get four free hamper! The good old restrictive steel cupboards have given way to wooden fronted “on the wall” wardrobes, under the bed ample storage and some more… just add a shutter to an empty polygon, voila! more storage space for our shopping. While we continue to stock and stack for single use, festival use, wedding use, party use and just for the heck of shopping use! Amazing online marts are so lustworthy … What do we do? How to curb this hedonism?