For God’s sake…

… Leave Him alone, let Him be, at peace with himself, in heaven.

… let us try to live without clamouring at His proverbial doorstep every other day.Why the bells and the calls?

… let us do away with temples, mosques, churches and Gurudwaras and all such prayer houses that cannot be a shelter for the destitute and the homeless! Why assign yards and yards of canopied shelter to the formless, omnipotent, omnipresent?

… since the day God moved out from within us… He is missing!…

… Can someone find me the guy who first sermonized that God lived within us.

… and every morning the same thought is perpetrated by wise men in Whatsapp forwards, these wise men ought to stand up and take a call.

… God is more of a Demolition Man these days… takes away lives, buildings, prayer houses all without any discrimination be it natural or man-made calamities!

… With so much property to his name, shouldn’t He refuse adding more in His name?

Why should Courts of Law waste time, energy and national wealth in deciding for Gods? Aren’t they powerful enough?

…Shouldn’t we be praying to our Gods in the peaceful and loving sanctuaries called our ‘homes’?

Why should my private worship be a point of contention to anyone if it doesn’t come out of my four walls?

Let us fight for clean air, green Earth, pure drinking water instead…