Pink Ball in the City of Joy

A friend asked me to blog anything on this mega event coming up today. Dear friend, all I can say is:

The British brought in this royal game to all its commonwealth, took the wealth and left cricket behind as the most common, sundry sport to be pursued by one and all, wasting productive hours loitering around a field…

You may give it any snazzy twist you like, IPL, T20, ODI but nothing beats the grand daddy of them all- the S-T-R-E-T-C-H match (test Match, I mean)😁

This sport is designed to take care of a useful day of your life in the least.

I remember, as a teenager being grandly taken to witness an ODI between India and Pakistan in Delhi by an uncle who was bestowed with VIP seating in the Pavilion right next to the players. So much frenzy, so many screaming dames…That I was, (and continue to be) a complete zero in my ‘cricket knowledge’. So I made a complete spectacle of myself and the legendary K Srikanth by asking him his name when he scribbled an unintelligible autograph in my autograph book ( a story best forgotten). I could hear loud guffaws from the adjacent chairs occupied by the famous ones!I was just collecting autographs to show off later.So that is “me and cricket”

Getting back to the subject, I hear they are trying the Pink Ball. Pink Ball is used for better visibility for day-night matches, and here is getting into its nitty gritty 👇

  • pink-ball-facts Lot more available on the Internet, for all curious souls.
  • Its a Friday inauguration, with both Bangladesh and India joining the fanfare…army paratroopers bringing in the Pink Ball and all that jazz!
  • Heard the BCCI President Saurav Ganguly give an invite to all working men to clock half day work and watch the opening day match…
  • Kolkata has started blushing pink I hear… Hope Kohli and his men don’t leave us blushing at the end…