Hang Mohammad, Hang Shiva

Apropos of my blog Meaning of your name , I simply hang my head in shame to the somewhat vilifying Indian tradition of naming children after Gods, especially such Gods’ name carriers who turn rapists and murderers.

When the horrifying saga of Hyderabad rape and murder and then burning of the Veterinary doctor Disha Reddy by the four beasts unfolded, the most ironic was the names in the reportage…”Mohammad and Shiva called their other two friends to join them in…”

When a small child is warned against going close to a burning flame, he cares least. But he understands better if he accidentally tries to touch the flame. He understands the BEST if you take his finger close to a flame and giving it a second’s exposure to the searing pain and shock. He stands a chastened wise man for life.

Where have the courts of law vanished after granting residential plots to the Indian Gods just this November? Hope they are returning on the double to pronounce justice…

  • To hang Mohammad, Shiva, Naveen and Chintakunta to death.
  • To order a nationally televised hanging.
  • To Show it to the country and the world how such heinous crime is to be appropriately handled.
  • And also, if the human rights pack chatters;…to put them behind bars for impeding Justice.

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