On the fast track

When the policemen came calling in Lucknow, it was with a little trepidation that I got them into my drawing room, knowing well in advance that their visit was related to the renewal of our passports at a new address. But knowing the Indian police… you never know, tables are meant to turn 😁

The gentlemen meant business, asked the requisite questions,did not show any inclination towards the prevailing fast track modes- while I scrunched a couple of 500 rupee notes into invisible spindles inside my clammy palm. And they left. 25days, and our renewed passports had arrived.

I was amazed.

They can deliver.

They are sincere.

I had once jumped a signal in Mumbai and had to listen patiently to an elderly policeman as he reiterated the need for discipline in people in uniform- individuals like him and me, whom the world was likely to emulate. Just for a kick, he also asked the name of the Chief of Air Staff- I didn’t faulter, still I got a ticket. So, never doubt the diligence of a person in Uniform…

And they did it yet again. Eight days and Disha Reddy’s parents and family felt redeemed from more impending evils- delays in the ramparts of the haloed judiciary(click to check my previous blog)

-They have been spared the pain of waiting for the judiciary to find the accused- guilty of the gang rape and murder.

– spared thousand deaths at the hands of merciless media and vociferous activists fashionably asking for the reform of such criminals.

-Spared the long wait that was staring into their faces aka Nirbhaya style.

The country showered respect and accolades on the Police Force. Memes and videos are making rounds hailing our Police force. Stories of False Encounter also are making rounds. Questions are being asked…

What do you say?

2 thoughts on “On the fast track

  1. I feel bad for the policemen you mentioned here. I am sure there are others like them and don’t have the option of quitting job like Kannan Gopinath to show dissent. I can’t imagine the trauma and helplessness they are feeling at the present turns of incidents, not just in UP but everywhere.

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    1. Yes Breeta some people go with the grain and some against… People in higher echelons can show dissent by saying a goodbye to a career but not the ordinary constable who is on a line job, awaits a salary to run a household and has some social standing only because of his uniform…UP/Delhi/Hyderabad and all the unreported ones… all had shades of apathy and inaction by the police to start with…

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