Another year goes by…

2019 has certainly been an extra ordinary year…full of upheaval and action!Hashing it up:

Lost so many people dear to me (some real favourites and luminaries have gone away)πŸ’”

Witnessed fewer births(yes, very few, only two in my family, as far as I can recall)πŸ’ž

Saw a couple of weddings in the family… Yes the list is dwindling and the next crop is still at school!πŸ’•

Rediscovered an unknown foreign land through my eyes, even though it is revealed every other day on the Travel and Living channel!!πŸ’Œ

Reunited with several long lost friends on social media(lost them in the first place because…πŸ€”)❣️

Watched a couple of great Hindi movies-Uri and Super 30 to be precise.❀️

Ate a lot of Malabar ParathaπŸ˜… (what a gift to Kerala from the Middle East!)πŸ’

Forwarded a lot of Jokes and teachings on Whatsapp and still can’t recount a single one…πŸ€“

Learnt a lesson, in fact two!Its never too late to learn a thing or two in life, isn’t it!?πŸ’š

Could not teach anyone a lesson- I have a very very small list in my black book and I carry it close to my heart.πŸ–€

Rediscovered Kishore Kumar, the great singer- yet again through friends… I never could find anyone better.β™₯️

Learnt so much about gaming in politics, I think most of us in India did so, this year. How about putting it on XBOX?πŸ’™

The year went by looking out for Wing Commander Abhinandan falling from the sky, Boeing 737 Max in the Java Sea, Vikram lander lost on the moon,God’s entitled visitors in Sabrimala, the floods in Kerala, water shortage in Tamilnadu,Brexit and Boris Johnson in the UK, Howdy Modi in Houston, Fire in the Amazon,God’s place of birth in Ayodhya,Pollution and dear Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi,the Pink Ball in Kolkata,Police inaction/action in Hyderabad, the chaotic Citizenship Amendment Bill and finally the Nirbhaya Executions… Before we close the account of 2019, let’s wish for a better 2020…

Leaving you with a beautiful song by my favourite Kishore Kumar…πŸ’“

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