Hating me… hating you…

Knowledge on the fingertips and so much of disdain in our hearts… Both directly proportional- meet us, the current dwellers of this nation n World.We take a minute to disagree, half to criticize and a second to hate the other.

Hate sells well in these desperate times…Lockdown has been quite an eye opener. While Twitter , Facebook n news channels had been spewing venom on anyone and everyone for some time now; came in Corona Virus… Hate Modi, hate Trump, hate China was once again joined by hate Hindus, hate Muslims… It makes me go back to the thought below👇

We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another

Jonathan Swift

So true, isn’t it? Then comes the turn of the outliers- hate them all- hate Mamta Banerjee, hate Sonia Gandhi, hate Rahul Gandhi, hate police, hate public service providers, hate the privileged rich, hate the dirty poor . In fact, persistently nurture hatred for all humans not acting as a cog in the wheel of our aspirations… is that us? Is the fibre of our secularism so weak that it just takes us one Nizamuddin and one Palghar to hate more… Add a media person and a bunch of politicians to it, and we have our own made in India pandemic brewing in our guts!!

With Google at our fingertips, people are digging into archives to tarnish and taint. Out of an average 100 posts on FB n WhatsApp, I am not surprised anymore to discover the majority of the memes n jokes against people… Cruel ones with abominable language. People display a sense of pride in being associated with them, forwarding them to as many and enjoying the thrill of demonising a person. Even more amazing are the little People who have lived all of twenty odd years on mother Earth, inciting hatred in groups, commenting on World , Nation, leaders – every happening, every personality…like it was awaiting an anointment of credibility with their young and naive remarks!

The “young oldies” are even more rigid and prejudiced! They think they invented the wheel and their generation knows all! Opinionated, aren’t we? People…

22 thoughts on “Hating me… hating you…

  1. Electronic media and social media are full of hatred.
    I stopped watching news on electronic media almost two decades ago.
    Stopped Twitter. Came out of all the groups on Whatsapp. And, I hv unfollowed/removed people on FB who incite hatred day & night.

    Try switching ur fone for one week and u will realize world & people around us are really beautiful.

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    1. Oh yes, that’s what another friend suggested. I guess it’s okay to be amidst all of it and feel the pulse… without letting it colour your ideas and thoughts.Thank you so much for dropping by and reading this post… Keep reading and adding your thoughts

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  2. Rightly said sush …i too was listening to such hate politics n was wondering when the educated lot will understand the reality…hope all of us mature n start loving instead of hating …wonderful master piece

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  3. “Stay informed & take stock regularly, because something small has the potential to become big “.

    # A brilliant effort & candidly summarised by the Blogger. 👍👍

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  4. Wow, you nailed it well.

    Hate politics are here to stay as long as people gets swayed by orchestrated acts. Right from the day of birth, we are trained to look at life with tainted glass. The bias and hate gets slowly ingrained in our psyche that it requires just a spark to get manifested. Blame it on media or senseless rhetoric of politics, its just a fuel to ignite the hate. The immediate need may be to break the chord that binds actions with this fueling. But in the longer term, the psych needs cleansing, to rid off the grains of hate already sowed.

    Mahatma could make Indians stand in unison, amidst the chaos and suppression, for a noble cause. The “cause” effect is tremendous. Hate could end or at least be subsumed, if people are made aware of the plethora of “Causes”, which is achievable in unity and negated by hate.

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    1. Thank you Nandkumar for such an insightful comment on the situation these days… Hate is selling hot, whichever way you look… Thank you for reading and liking it.


  5. Very true, agree completely. Social medias have removed the restraint, so people can say and do without feeling for others.
    Nicely penned..

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