Virus vision

Ritesh Agarwal of OYO predicts that in the Post Covid times; people will seek God more, hence he intends to invest in Pilgrim centres around Asia n outwards… This young man sure knows to capitalise on a Virus. What is your vision?

One whole lot believes that non vegetarian food should be shunned to get Corona n other viruses scooting… So it’s organic farming and organic products for them… Metropolitan cities are heading heavily into it and there is a lot of scope of making it big out there. Time to dance your way to the bank if you have the green thumb.

A sizeable population is convinced that China is the culprit and once it is fixed , the virus will stop spreading/killing? Strangely odd mantras floating around- shun China- fix China! Hence we shall be “vocal” and propogate “local“… Hope this collective step heals the economy. With twenty lakh crores INR post Covid bail out plan from the government, every dreamer can be an entrepreneur…

So, Make in India and Be Indian buy Indian, and with it the idealistic principle of Mahatma Gandhi- our own Swadeshi movement makes a comeback. But we still need a Chinese made laptop to run the ‘oh so American’ Google. Hope we get our own laptops and precision instruments and we can win wars with our own LCAs. Hope we can.

With air spaces opening up and travel time likely to shorten under the sentiments of “atmanirbhar Bharat“( self-reliant India) …one thing is certain, people will travel. So, when the non- essential travel gets permitted I am sure going visiting the unvisited corners of my lovely country… There are still a few places left … in the North East, in the North north east, in the North West and a couple of places in the heart of India. What if the next clarion call from the Lord above is for… me?

11 thoughts on “Virus vision

  1. सब तमाशा है , this happened bcoz media hijacked it and started spreading hoax.
    Role of doctors was taken over by Media, Govt and social media “ज्ञानी”.
    Disease is a disease and they r managed with scientific backings , NOT ON speculations & computer simulations.

    If u read today’s TOI, there is ten times higher risk of dying with road accidents than covid. Measles vaccination is going on ages still disease around. There is no vaccine for HIV or HCV. Rota virus kills more than 5000 children everyday in India. Examples r plenty.
    Instead of quoting success stories of Taiwan, Vietnam and Sweden, media prefers Italy, Germany, US etc to generate hype and fear.
    “Negative energy” generated by media (electronic and SM) needs to b countered.

    Common sense really took beating this time.

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  2. Thanks for sharing all different perspective…hv bn hearing alot lately….some just for the sake and some extremely creative n thought provoking, some bizarre and with our own inhibitions…..
    I don’t hv one but during my existense on this planet I know public memory for sure is short-lived n sooner or later we will all get used to n back to new normal if not back to The normal…

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and liking my post… Yes things will get back to the new masked normal and social distancing will be government sponsored so no qualms about it for people who enjoy keeping away!! Keep reading and adding to it


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