The impatient patient!

Covid brought in some strange tidings to my doorstep.Everyday, the breaking news on India Today, Republic TV, Times Now, News X , NDTV, and Mirror Now were not enough edge of the seat thriller; he would go meandering into BBC, Wion, CNN, Al-Jazeera, trying to catch India news through international eyes…

One fine lockdown day, I find Mr Nair climbing up up up from Malayalam and English to the Hindi heartland of Zee News, Aaj Tak, ABP News; the poor remote control struggling to do a complete ‘ab-press’ in his hands. He finally sailed easy and steady on a sensational Hindi news channel. Wonder why? They were delivering news in future perfect! India has taken back POK, We have pushed back the Chinese from Pangyong tso , the quad has taught China a lesson, Covid 19 has vanished from India the day we thanked our medical warriors! So I heard him proclaim with flourish- “only this channel has all the action.”

And then, a small redundant piece in his stomach acted truant, in the midst of so much action! All those toxic Breaking News, I guess. We headed to the hospital emergency while China was still in Laddakh, Covid was all over the place, Trump and Fauci were locking horns and God was still in heaven, still wondering how to make things well with the world!

The whole ordeal of 48 hours- surgery followed by post operative stint in ICU and Patient Nair was like a fish out of water! Amidst all the pains, he sure was missing all the breaking news, I suppose. Post the surgery, the grand moment of awakening out of anesthesia was so hopefully awaited, what if he came to, in Bollywood style- ” mai kahaan hoon?( Where am I?)” However, a concerned ‘yours truly’, waiting for the moment of recognition, was greeted finally by him with two fingers raised and a question in his eyes. 🤔Oh! China and Covid!! A blank look got me admonished by the impatient patient for not following the news. So, when they wheeled him back to the room, I had the loudest news channel awaiting to greet him…

NB: This post is a dedication to him on the eve of 26th of July, Kargil Day.

8 thoughts on “The impatient patient!

  1. We Salute our Kargil Hero(s) and the Doctor warriors, who saved our Heros at the time of war. And also now selflessly attending to the Covid19 patients today.
    Jai Hind
    Jai Bharat ki Sena
    Jai Covid Warriors

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  2. Haha … Good one
    Relieved that “Main Kahan hoon”. Did not happen….
    By the way my only reaction on the reporting of China situation … Is ” Matlab kuch bhi?”

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