Are You A champion Of Vagueness Or A victim Of Clarity?

Which one are you?

A typical example( two individuals asked the same question)

Person 1
“A- Are you  coming to the party?
B- I was  thinking what to wear… and it is raining,  the food  will be  great, but  it will get late , who else is coming,  I hated  their  party  last time… 
A- Oh, ok so are you  coming to the party or not?
B- Let me  see… is it  necessary?
A-No, it’s not  necessary,  so you  need  not  come.
B-But when did I say  I was  not  coming to the party??
A- So you are coming!
B- I am thinking, I can come…”
Wow! so vague… Bravo champion! 🏆

Person 2
A- Are you coming to the party?
C- Yes. (Ha! Such a kill joy answer)

It is estimated that our brains receive information through our senses that result in some four billion neuron impulses per second. Of these four billion pieces of information we are only consciously aware of about 2,000. That’s only 0.00005%. So, we are allowed to be vague.

Vague answers are bound to trickle out of your mouth in the course of the day.I feel duty bound to think, rethink and double think, mostly with words pouring out when a decision or an opinion is onto me.In fact, a great deal of learning has gone into this vagueness. I was taught at work, afterall, that- ” if you can’t convince them, confuse them!”

But there are a few marvellous persons who are otherwise taciturn, but if they ever open their mouths to speak, its clear choices, opinions, verdicts or answers. Probably those who grew up knowing only black and white and not greys…
Those who ate sweet sweet-dishes and not salty caramel or Chipotle ice-creams!
Those who were taught only yes and no and not maybe.

It’s not that I don’t impart a lesson or two on being ‘clear’ , to my child, but I am proud of his ways with vagueness when he wants to avoid sticky situations like- ” between your father and mother, who do you love more?”

So how do you manage to be crisp and clear with such a real life existential question ? So the smart cookie hawed his way out of it. How difficult can it be… to be always clear and not float on the clouds of vagueness! Vague answers take a lot of effort, a lot of creativity and a lot of disinterest in clarity! Hope I am sounding clear…as clear as this Sun!

11 thoughts on “Are You A champion Of Vagueness Or A victim Of Clarity?

  1. Being vague is profitable ! You may not win but you don’t lose either. It’s like being on the side whichever wins.
    I do agree with you that it needs a lot of creativity to be vague.

    And yes I loved your example of chipotle ice- cream.

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  2. Its vid experience n learnings dat d clarity shall find it’s way superseding any form of vagueness.
    D older one gets d surer she duz …n feels lesser n lesser obliged to confirm to smone else’s vagueness…

    Beautifully uve put across both d notions …
    D question life poses each single day …TO B OR NOT TO BE

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    1. Thank you so much for dropping by and reading this post, liking it and adding your thoughts to it… Yes with years of experience on this earth, one learns to choose- be clear or vague in situations!


  3. I could vaguely understand although it is well written….err…actually it’s fantastic….mmmm…m trying to recruit more brains cells….although I possess very little of them….well….u rock, keep it up.

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  4. Very Well written Sush . A lot to think about on what you have brought out so subtly. In the present age of mediocrity, the champions of Vagueness are best suited for higher promotion in Govt jobs. Whereas Victim of clarity can be a good Entrepreneur, Experimentalist & go getter in life. 😂

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    1. Well said ! So many policies, so many notifications, so much of groping in the dark in the name of able governance… Vague to such an extent that you need legal eagles to decipher them! Thank you so much Joe for reading and liking this post.


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