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I am in that stage of life when all that could be …, has been absorbed, all good implemented and all junk trashed… But what I still have in surplus is advice…

Afterall I have been an avid collector of all sorts of “na-see-hut” (Urdu for advice), salaah ( Hindi for advice) and of course, the ubiquitous English “advice”. ‘ Been a recipient of a lot of advice since the early days of my childhood. Everyone had a piece or two of it for me whenever I left for my boarding school! A treasure trove of life hacks…”If this happens, do this, if this doesn’t happen, don’t do that!” A to Z on life, living, loving, and all that goes into it…

With so much of advice being pumped into my veins, I shaped up tolerable I guess! But couldn’t refuse any one as they heaped it aplenty on me, so now, there is surplus stock! Reason why I need to clear it all before they lose shelf life! ‘Reason why I detest watching anymore of these life and living hack videos on YouTube, or listening to those TED- dy talkers! Have mercy on poor me, ‘advice overflow‘ turned to flooding long ago, and I don’t want to be inundated now!

But, come to think of it… who likes taking advice in toto and implementing it in “as is” shape unless it’s legal or medical? We all enjoy learning from our own mistakes! As a wise elder in my family says, he just doesn’t want to read anymore books of knowledge, doesn’t want to watch programmes of “how to live life to the fullest” , as he has not been able to apply all his learnings so far, even after living for 85years, on this earth already. Adding more learnings to his already overflowing knowledge is pointless! He enjoys rumination these days. So right! I am joining his thought club!

Children don’t want it( remember-‘we don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control!’) Elders don’t want it either ( don’t teach me!), and friends ( God bless them) they are not needy at all, as we belong to the same tribe. We are the Generous Givers! We don’t patronize our own fraternity.

So, as I said at the start- I have it in surplus… All you need is to ask me!

14 thoughts on “Ask me

  1. So true…
    That’s the first thing anyone offers. Our mind works less on listening to others and more on planning what to advise.
    A difficult thought process put together in beautiful pearls…

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  2. “Never advise anyone unless asked for” – that’s my motto.
    Let the person fall and learn himself. That’s the best way of learning.


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