Devil’s advocate

Lovely phrase, and so obvious in meaning. The first time it was used on me, I nearly strutted around the haloed campus, with a sparkle in my eyes… The professor had taken my side in a discussion by proclaiming “let me be the devil’s advocate”😎 Who devil- me? Who advocate- him? We two won the argument/ discussion/debate: 02 is to 35!

Whenever I see these primetime debates, the endearment comes rushing back! It’s sheer grit that keeps a person going against the popular view, wading in strong currents and holding fort!!Things become tougher if the moderator too is a bit prejudiced against the devil or the devil’s advocate! Baying for blood, biting each other’s heads off, ready to gorge out the advocate’s eyes and the moderator adds to the cacophony by throwing enticing baits and countdown calls; it’s quite a ringside entertainment all the time. And, most of us, the couch warriors, look forward to such sizzling drama on the television!

In real life, have you ever tried going against the grain? Supported someone just because the world around you, the majority is in strong opposition to that person, idea or thought? Have you tried to brave the swords and daggers that any debate these days is likely to bring out… Try singing praises of Donald Trump amidst NRI friends and relatives- what they have yet to realise is- if he is “devil” then Joe Biden with Kamala Haris would be Deep sea!

In India, try talking in favour of the ruling party at the National front, and also try peppering your argument with some Nationalism mantra… and you have had it! Talk for JNU? Hahaha, you are up against the firing squad! It’s sheer affrontry, try it! with family and friends for starters…bound to see the vitriol! But once in a while it is a must try… Being the devil’s advocate.

6 thoughts on “Devil’s advocate

  1. That’s my favourite pastime ….being the devil’s advocate. 🤪I have been told that you don’t conform to standards etc. etc.
    However, it’s fun to be one.

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  2. I hv singed myself many times being a Devil’s advocate.
    It is, at times, extremely difficult to put sense into people suffering with herd mentality.

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