Moral fabric and us

The current crisis faced by my beloved country is of moral turpitude, if we look outwards, as we usually do; expostulating from our living room sofas at the deterioration outside.

No, it’s not the Hathras killing that provokes me to post this.Its also not the Sushant Singh Rajput death conspiracy or the reports of drugs in Bollywood or the tussles of great gamblers of Indian politics, economy or banking either!( Its all of them and some.) Although the real crisis is within, lets blame it on the country- a convenient escape into a lame abstraction called ‘the nation’. The culprits however are – we, the Us.

Its the level of permeability of social no-nos into our daily lives. Some say, let the people discern right from wrong, but gradually, the smorgasbord of moral wrongs is getting too tempting for us. Forget leaving home to encounter all the “bad”. Its being sponsored by the great patriotic business houses and being delivered direct to home… The television, the internet , the dark net, the risky songs, the enuendo laden dialogues, the salacious people of the web series- es, children’s animation videos slipping slyly into soft porn, ugly trolls, vulgar memes, garrulous politicians spewing hate, violence and what not…all unimaginable un-mankind like acts, demeanors and vagaries , all in the name of good governance, religion, nation, region, caste, fraternity, ideology n what not! Nonetheless we continue to call ourselves a grand civilization, in naive jubilation after a cricket league victory or a great speech at the UN by a designated diplomat, or a mere namaste by an indulgent first world tourist!

The social practices that bind me to middle class also have somehow made way for the meek acceptance of these strange influencers. Sadly enough, they shape the nubile minds also ! Education and job followed by a plateful to eat and some lucre to hoard for the rainy day… nothing more occupies our mind… its our lackadaisical morality that has allowed the holes to be punctured into our fabric. The lockdown brought 6-8 hours of internet dependence on a daily basis in the name of online education. Where Youtube videos give autopromt of Adult clips from movies; to human beings being lynched, burnt, brutally assaulted while some responsible human beings immediately record the video, but desist from raising their voice, we have seen it all, resigned to our cushioned seats. It’s all about acceptance- the mind does fine tune with change and we say excitedly “O God, what could be level next”?

Every Independence Day, when we were children, our schools wanted us to stand around the national flag, goosebumps flaring up on our arms and neck while beautiful patriotic songs inspired us to the idea of a nation… Saare jahan se achha hindustan humara… ( Out of them all, my India excels in goodness). Hope the fabric gets a thorough refurbish; before our children can embibe any more from its deterioration…It has to come from within, and not by the state ( government), I feel.

18 thoughts on “Moral fabric and us

  1. Absolutely. You hit the chord. I too have been totally devastated by the way things have been shaping up recently. Are we hiding something bigger behind these small little things or are we becoming a part of a big game plan? Time to ponder…..

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    1. I am more stupefied by my own reactions to everything that is moulding my thoughts, actions and existence! Thank you for dropping by and reading this post, and of course agreeing with it 😊


  2. Agree with this completely. We experience, listen and read about what is happening around us…yet feel a strange helplessness and trepidation to intervene lest we further upset an already unstable apple cart. It’s a dilemma that pits us constantly against our conscience and raises deep concern for the future. Very well expressed, Sush!

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    1. So true, we all feel it so strongly, and still are left helpless in many
      ways. You as an educator, must be feeling it even more acutely. Thank you so much for reading and liking the post


  3. The world can be changed not by anyone else but by me. The very own thought of being responsible of one’s own action can eventually turn the clock. We can, we should… A transformation from within to outgrow into the surrounding.. a big world yet so small!

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    1. Very true, you said it. Most of us are aping others for social acceptance due to peer pressure, low self-esteem or whatever… Thank you so much for reading and adding your thoughts on the post. Keep dropping by 😊


  4. Very nicely expressed and written.
    Thanks for the thought provoking message greatly appreciated by us older folk .

    Will the younger generation read this and rise to the occasion and think like you have said?

    Will t

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and appreciating the post. Yes, like a friend recently told me after reading the post ” its everyone’s truth” … the problem is our attitude which is
      making us live with it and not revolt!


  5. Hello Sush, a sensitive subject with divergent opinions have been put across very intelligently by you for the readers to absorb. You have brought out in unequivocal terms that “ its our lackadaisical morality that has allowed the holes to be punctured into our fabric”. However , in my view, all of us consciously decide to choose our own fabric subject to our values and understanding of the societal norms/teachings / structure. The so called fabric is unique to each one of us in that sense, hence the responsibility to refurbishing it, will also lies with us. The character building of a nation can only be done, if the fabric is woven neatly & closely with great honour and pride. Unless, an individual onus is perceived and matched in action by the citizenry, refurbishing the fabric will be of a little help. Wonderful Read …Very well written.

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    1. Thank you for dropping by and
      reading this post. Your appreciation and thoughts in addition are both humbly received. True, that there can be no transformation of the nation, without an overhaul of the morality of each recipient. Thank you once again.


  6. Moral values are inherent to some extent, inculcated to some extent by family and society, and the rest is consciously cultured. Many things enable a person to differentiate between right and wrong. In my childhood days we the siblings used to sit before the Home shrine every evening and sing some devotional songs. One of them had the following prayers addressed to god.

    1-teach me not to hanker after material wealth/riches,
    2-neither do I pray for only them who are my own,
    3-please keep me away from the wicked and lazy, both in good and bad time,
    4-give me courage to be true to truth, even if I die for the cause,
    5-teach me humility, devotion, and not to live for myself,
    6-teach me to help the helpless in all my capacity.

    These were basic tenets of moral values that any child would cherish.

    But when one grows older in a society with it’s own tenets of success and failure, most people adapt as they grow up.

    The ones who do not are seen as simpletons!

    But the truth is, nothing is as precious as a clear conscience and a life lived with ethics intact.

    Only a few are fortunate enough to be able to live/lead such a life.

    A doctor who chose to give up a lucrative profession to live with tribal people and serve them, and later finding a doctor wife of similar dreams/mind; an IAS officer on a visit to a rural area for research and staying back there to lead a village life in order to help the ignorant residents in developing their locality and educating their children ; an engineer who was so shocked to see the nearby hills of his village barren of all trees when he visited after many years that he resigned from his job to plant trees and educate locals in this direction…and so on.

    May be only a few examples, but yet there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    The important thing is that we must not lose hope.

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