Here goes 2020

The world is not going to forget this year of human retribution. So much for ushering in a New Year and bidding adieu to the old, it’s actually Good riddance 2020; everyone is kind of waiting to exhale a sigh of relief into 2021! However, my 2020 has not been any different than yours, just […]

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Moral fabric and us

The current crisis faced by my beloved country is of moral turpitude, if we look outwards, as we usually do; expostulating from our living room sofas at the deterioration outside. No, it’s not the Hathras killing that provokes me to post this.Its also not the Sushant Singh Rajput death conspiracy or the reports of drugs […]

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The Speed Breaker…

…that we all met recently is of the rumbler kind…a long jaw jabbering one, till you are literally crawling. It would have made our wagons, carts and chariots stall and fall if we hadn’t decelerated… What a wonderful way to slow down…🤭 No sooth sayer, no Guru, no psychologist could halt us while we were […]

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