The Speed Breaker…

…that we all met recently is of the rumbler kind…a long jaw jabbering one, till you are literally crawling. It would have made our wagons, carts and chariots stall and fall if we hadn’t decelerated…

What a wonderful way to slow down…🤭

No sooth sayer, no Guru, no psychologist could halt us while we were shooting ahead at supersonic speeds in bullet trains and planes to super skyscrapers ,on the way melting glaciers and depleting the ozone layer…

The pigeons and the mynnahs that were chirping in my balcony last morning were bewildered at the nil din of vehicles these days at the say- Go! Poor ill at ease generation of birds with noise resilience and appetite for urban leftovers! Wait till we get back with a vengeance. No Coronavirus strain can stop the marauder!

Family time, me time, you time- all hogwash… The desire to earn more, get more, hoard more, eat more and have more is not yet diminishing. The bulls, bears, gold, gasoline are riding prime on the human mind as we spray disinfectants on the migrant labourers. They appear to be the biggest threat as carriers in this race for “the survival of the fittest”.The death toll is reduced to mere statistics. Earlier a bus accident with 20 lives lost would give a dent in my heart . Today, 27000 lives lost and counting sounds like a Lotto run…

7 thoughts on “The Speed Breaker…

  1. The answer to today’s problem seems to be the Gandhian concept of voluntary probeert and Vinoba Bhave’s philosophy. We must stop the race to work more, losse sa more, want more and learning to give up.

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