Moribund world

In Latin, mori means “to die.” You probably recognize this root in words like mortalmortician, and mortuaryMoribund means “near death,” but it can also mean something that is coming to an end, nearly obsolete, or stagnant…So, moribund friendships, relationships, neighborhoods, society, economy, nations and the Human Spirit.Dying silent deaths, all of the above…

Biggest contributor to this state of humanity? Mark Zuckerberg? He started the illness much before Corona( Covid 19) hit the World. The guy made zillions of dollars and left the human spirit in penury.

No one has got away unaffected. The Prime Minister of India finally had to decide to shun them all one fine day, after he had written much and heard much in return. Of course the negative sentiments must have affected his relentless spirit. Some friends also are practicing detox diet for social media these days after living a life of excesses!😊 Anxiety and Depression due to over use and too much under recognition are emotionally killing many.

And during these ‘Covid 19’ turbulent times, the government goes ahead with increasing the bandwidth for internet… people can be connected on Social Media in the times of Social Distancing!So the bane gets to redeem itself finally!