Forget it!

What is this International Women’s Day thing? You think all this makes a difference to you and me? What has changed in your life since you celebrated it in 2019?And what is women empowerment after all?

These questions must be rallying in each of your minds but they start clamouring louder around this time of the year when the commercial world is out to make a kill out of our mass stupidity!

A woman who brings in a new life in this world, nurtures her saplings and gives them the right mental nutrition and sends them out into the world as able minded and capable humans is not weak or deprived in any way!

So, instead of celebrating a commemorative day in honour of her existence, give her the weapon of education and freedom at birth, so that she brings forth a better progeny, a boy or a girl…who is empowered to think right and treat this mankind at equal parlance! And it starts at home with the women alone.

So, take it from me, no point blaming the menfolk! Its we the women, the culprits as well as the emancipators! The back biters, the jealous alley cats and nurturers who inadvertently poison the tender minds, who bring up children with pre conceived notions on gender specific behaviour. Have a good day dear all and don’t wish me Happy Women’s Day!Taking a line out of the great Erica Jong quote:

“Women are their own worst enemies. And guilt is the main weapon of self torture…Show me a woman who doesn’t feel guilty and I will show you a man.”
           Erica Jong, Fear of  Flying (1973)

23 thoughts on “Forget it!

  1. I totally agree with you.. I usually ignore such designated days.. women should be empowered and treated with respect.. she should be able to live without fear..
    Good read… Keep writing dear!

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  2. Only a woman could have written it that way honestly. No way other gender could put it that way.

    All things start small & at home. Biggest help that can be done would be to stand on her own, have education & skills to financially sustain herself. Fight you must for self recognition

    Wonder why women seem to pull back from being involved in financial decisions.

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    1. Thank you sir, for your appreciation. You said it right! We do tend to pull back from vital decision making… On a lighter note, we can derive inspiration from our Finance Minister now…


  3. An essential part of emancipation is the freedom to make one’s own choices, to pursue one’s own dreams, and to be able to have the confidence that her family in particular, and society in general stands by her, applauds her victories, lends a shoulder when needed, shares in her joys and sorrows as equals.

    Anything else is only a half measure.

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  4. Nicely written mam
    I so agree with you it starts at home irrespective of gender!
    In the movie Thappad, as the protagonist puts a perspective to her Mother-in-law about expectations of a woman, MIL says it is your mother, I, your father, every men and women in the family who contributes.
    Some Legacies are worth following and some needs deeper introspection to change the course.. else it turns out to be the way of life beyond recognition


  5. What you have written is the real way forward to cherish the divine existence of women in this beautiful world. Without them it would have been a barren land simpliciter….👏👏👏👏

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  6. It’s true ,, women is the enemy of women.. we have to change it n first step for that is a change in ourselves .
    We r the most powerful creature in the nature.

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  7. Like every post written by u earlier, this one is another masterpiece as well. In my opinion all those females who cry foul are biggest enemy of women. This phenomenon started in west during 60s and now its in India as well.
    One thing these women forget that men and women are two wheels of life which propels humanity ahead. And two wheels r neither equal nor greater than each other.
    I would like to quote Shri Krishna from chapter 1 Srimadbhagwatgita – family tradition and values are guided by women.
    Unfortunately women of today don’t realize their true power and potential rather they prefer to stoop themselves down to debauchery of men.

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  8. Truth has never been spoken so simply… I feel we can never help by having a gender bias (positive or negative) but by having and sharing a will to learn and improve and providing the able ones an environment for that. Respect , in my opinion, should be given on that basis and empowerment will follow. Throughout my (still blooming) life so far, I have been influenced equally by strong people, both men and women. Empowering only one of the genders will never bring balance to society…

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  9. We need to respect ourselves. In the hustle and bustle of life and living we have forgotten ourselves somewhere and have been following the set norms without questioning, as the set standards of dos and don’t. Also we need to build a camaraderie like the opposite gender, which I truly appreciate even if it sometimes harms the other, which no one can break. The little insecurities, the little jealousies, the little ways of belittling other women should end from our end. We need to start accepting ourselves and as truly put up by you to stop feeling guilty. We Need to be passionate about our work and give ourselves the much needed break when ever necessary.
    it’s good that our parents could raise women like us who will further Help our boys n girls be stronger and happier.
    Kudos for this beautiful thought provoking piece. ❤️❤️

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  10. So well written sushmita! I agree with you. And yes its so much more on us women to express what we want and how we want.
    We do have to begin in the family itself when a girl is born. The environment she grows up in.
    I proudly remember that my sister and me never realised this issue of the gender in the society until we grew up and got to know what others go through.
    In a country where rapists of nirbhaya get lawyers to defend themselves and the legal system find no way out to hang them even after postponing several dates, we have to bond together , fight together , survive together and evolve together!
    With hopes of a brighter and safer future I thank you once again for this write up.

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    1. Thank you for reading and liking the post Arpita. Nirbhaya case is becoming a joke, and our faith in the legal system is almost swiped off with the recent turn of events. You said it right… bond together…evolve together.


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