Let go

This post goes out especially to a dear little friend who is hurting at this moment, and to all those who hesitate to let go and move on.

When we win- we rejoice, but when we lose; we learn. There is no other way to settle that immense numbing sense, unless you take it as a lesson. Cursing one’s luck, blaming fate, wallowing in pain and refusing to let go… inevitable emotions, as we all go through these states of mind. Do nurse your heart, carry the pain along but for some time only, please. Nothing is worth wasting this beautiful life on this beautiful Earth for…

Then, new days will bring on newer tidings. The intensity of your sadness is bound to reduce, small anecdotes and lively people will begin to bring smiles on to your face and you will move on. That is the way to go. The mark of a survivor who loves living life.

That brings us to the the beginning… true words by Rumi-You have been invited to live this life,so do not beg for pieces of this world! What is meant to be yours is bound to be with you, and not be snatched away… Rise and shine my friend and look around… you are bound to find  little crazy friends like me, just there waiting to give you a great bear hug and a high five!❤️