On this day…

A friend asked me if I had anything special lined up for today. Nothing… Who thinks Valentine’s Day in mid life! And neither do the youth of today. This generation is so smart. They do not belong to the Archies and Hallmark cards breed.

We were those buffoons, easily swindled by these card sellers into Valentine’s Day, Rose Day, Promise Day and all that blahs! Cards and their worth in lucre decided the quantum of love professed. No wonder, every upmarket locality had an outlet with these shiny,glossy, mushy and expensive cards to ensnare the teens and young adults!

Today is the great ❤️ Day! Other than Honda and Amazon, none seem to remember that it’s Valentine’s Day. My local supermarket has invited me to shop and get a special 10% discount on chocolates. Teenagers at schools have smart phones with smarter social media playing cupid daily, why need a special day? So I didn’t observe any coy behaviour at the school bus stop either!

Some in India want the religious dieties to be remembered on this day, while killings by a terrorist attack on this very day last year is being condoled by another group; another enterprising section has colored this day with professing love for family and friends… and the television soaps have some hearts floating around on the screen…

For me and scores of you… its business as usual…yet another day with the same Sun, Moon and the stars 😍 and are we complaining!

13 thoughts on “On this day…

  1. So true. Yes it’s like another day without any change. Still it brings a smile and refreshes the memory.
    If you marry the right person,
    Everyday is a Valentine’s Day
    If you marry a wrong person
    Everyday is a martyrs day.
    If you marry a rich person
    Everyday is a New Year’s Day
    If you marry an immature person
    Everyday would seem like Children’s Day
    If you don’t marry
    Everyday is an independce Day .

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  2. True dear. Its as normal as any other day. But yes if showing your love makes a person happy then so let it be. For me as the years pass by I have started developing hatred for the very thing called love. I find so much of superficial expressions of love in every relationship. You love a person till you need him / her. Otherwise love evaporates.

    Do let me know if such thoughts mean I am under the spell of ‘ mid life crisis’.

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  3. Now, those are grave points to ponder… Our understanding of a feeling is bound by the limitations of our language… Lot of it is still in the grey area of cognition, but awaiting validation by language scientists…
    Mid life is a new phase of recognition of self, I guess. Thank you for reading and adding your thoughts to it.


  4. 😆😆😆So true, we’re from the dumb generation who blew up their pocket money on Archie’s cards for every stupid excuse like sorry, thank you n teasers…. these wetr stored as treasures for years 🙄🙄

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    1. 😄you said it!! Compare us then with the youth now, sassy as hell and clear on their needs and wants! Mush and emotion take a back seat… Thank you Preeti for reading and relating to it.


  5. Nice thread. Indeed it was Archies and Hallmark who propagated this. In those days, it was just on one day. Now, it’s for one week.
    Pomp of card shop certainly has declined BUT I doubt if spirit among youngsters has.
    Gifts, chocolates, teddy bear and trips to secluded places are very much in vogue still. Interestingly, now middle aged and older people also indulge in it.

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    1. True that, the middle aged people of India (especially) are filled with angst, too much of it… They fell in the cusp of post independence and pre internet during their youth, and they don’t want to miss out the freebies of social media! 😁😁Thank you for reading and liking it.


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