Came across these interesting words which got the thoughts rolling👇

What about it?

📎Like the girl who so madly wanted to marry her college heartthrob, but he spurned her. She went on to be a senior bureaucrat in the Government, while he, the charmer couldn’t manage himself something as glamourous… she met him 20 years down the line, at a reunion. His halo had disappeared. She thanked her luck.

📎Or the job you desperately wanted but were not selected for, last year. You went in for the ‘not so good’… and they chose you and they made you hold your head high today. The Organisation which rejected you, is on the verge of total closure and the employees are redundant, desperately looking for jobs. What stroke of luck for you.

📎Or the sea side flat that you always wanted, but were always low on finances… By the time your situation improved and you were about to book yourself a dream flat, goverment declared those sea side flats illegal… demolition ordered on the existing ones… you thanked your stars for not fulfilling your desire when it was nagging at your heart!

We see situations and we see people and then we see these people in such situations…

Then we silently send up a prayer… “Thank you God for refusing me what I wanted so ardently and desperately then”

Life is like that…

17 thoughts on “Lucky!

  1. God has a plan for our life and that’s all I need to know.
    I soooooooo believe in this.
    Once Harivansh Rai Bachan told Amitabh Bachan “ Jo man ka ho voh achha aur jo na ho voh aur bhi achha kyonki usme Bhagwan ki marzi shaamil hoti hai.”

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  2. Agree Sush.
    We may, at that point of time, feel upset but there is always something better awaiting us.
    All I can say, from my own personal experience, that I did get bogged down momentarily but never had to regret about anything when I looked back after few yrs down the line.

    As Tulsidas has said “होहिहे वोही जो राम रचि राखा”

    Script of our life is already written, we all are just playing our part.

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    1. True. You said it right… What doesn’t happen or come to you at times makes you so miserable but in hindsight at a later, much later date, it appears a blessing… Really!Thank you for reading and relating to it with such a beautiful afterthought.


      1. Absolutely. Agree with u. One should always take such things in stride. Use them as learning experience. And build stronger foundation for future based on past experiences RATHER than brooding on failures/mishaps.
        Difference between great people and ordinary people is very simple —- Great people evolve with every failure taking it as a challenge. Ordinary people keep cursing their fate.
        PS: I too do enjoy ur thought provoking posts. Keep writing.

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