If wishes were horses!

If wishes were horses,
beggars would ride.
If turnips were watches,
I’d wear one by my side.
If “if’s” and “and’s” were pots and pans,
There’d be no work for tinkers’ hands!

The opening words of this ancient nursery rhyme have found an idiomatic presence in the English Language. Like a quick refrain to all ideas lofty and unattainable…You can wish all you want, keep riding the horses of dreams and desires; fulfilment may not be waiting round the corner. And so it has been for the world civilization in this year; in the year of the rat!( Oh rats!) And this is what the prediction looked like initially ๐Ÿ‘‡

Screenshot from a Chinese zodiac website

With some good amount of pretty thoughts, desires and goals we had all set our foot forward into the year 2020…and what a year it has been. Not very askew though from the Chinese prediction! However, I lost faith in my desi( country grown) astrologers… how could they come up with such wildly positive estimates on Covid 19! Nobody can predict the future. So much for learnings- life has been full of lessons galore! Every aspect of human existence stood to test and all wishes converted to prayers, at least in my case.

That brings me to my post, so innocently put at the beginning of the year: https://sushmitasahay.com/2020/01/02/new-year-resolutions/ I too rode my horse till March end and then parked it… No point doing a dissection of my wishes nee resolutions- some achieved, rest trashed; but I do have my next ten ready for 2021…will get my horses out soon enough! Watch out for first post of 2021( the year of the Ox,no bull this๐Ÿ˜€!). In the meantime, coming soon is my #total of 2020.

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