Wishes on the go…

Its almost second nature with us, with we the believers- to mumble a prayer, a quick wish or a thank you while crossing God’s earthly residences. In India, Gods of every faith reside in almost all localities and it doesn’t hurt to make an appeal at any of their facades… Its our God after all.

Feel the pace of the traffic slowing down as you cross a temple, mosque, church or Gurudwara or any shrine for that matter…it’s a “god moment”. Almost everyone can be seen sending up a prayer… a mumble followed by a gesture of obeisance… a quick ‘forehead and centre of the chest touch’, or a quick joining of palms, or a closing of eyes or even touching of ears! At some stage, there sure has been some wish fulfilment, or we the super ambitious humans won’t blink in unloving. Faith in God and his supreme powers gets to almost all, especially in unexplained moments of trouble…

And then, there is God. Lets call him He for the time being… Millions of wishes and desires dropping at his feet by the second… Humans don’t stop wanting what is not! How does He manage and priortize? Does He appoint a few karyakartas ( Hindi for ‘grass root level workers’) to do the ground work… someone like Azim Premji, like Sindhutai Sapkal, like Shiv Nadar and many more others who part with their time, money and efforts to bring succour to others. Maybe ๐Ÿ™

But, in my heart of hearts, although I may desire diamonds glistening in my ears, neck and fingers… I know that the real purse can only afford a bauble or two after decades of hard work… so usually I spare my God and ask for cooler weather instead. No harm in asking for just a bit of the cooling showers only… every now and then, especially when I see those pompous white clouds flitting past my sky… knowing full well that asking for snow would be a bit too much as I live near the equator.

NB: Look out for the sequel…

8 thoughts on “Wishes on the go…

  1. I love how you sum up your reflective writing with a carefully chosen quote from Mark Twain!
    Wishes on the go are perhaps a truer reveal of our wishes but wishes made with intention are the wishes that often come true. ๐Ÿ™‚

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