Happy Diwali!

It seems Covid 19 has entered our system and we are doing fine with it. Politicians are contesting elections, factories are manufacturing and we are consuming! Doomsday fears have once again receded to the background. India has just managed to recover part of its fiscal deficit and US has the top two leaders of its nation with India connect. We as a nation, sure feel good.

No one can mask the festive spirit of our nation. No point waiting for the virus to vanish and joys to descend on us since March 2020… it’s finally November and Deepawali (Diwali) is here… our festival of lights! Hindu religion attaches a great deal of importance to this Day as Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesh and Lord Ram all three have a significant role in making it an auspicious day.

It all starts with Spring cleaning and letting go your old and defunct stuff. Buying new clothes follows this decluttering of wardrobes. Buying new pots and pans being another. Investing in Gold and Silver is yet another hobby with the rich on this occasion. Cooking and Eating and buying lots and lots of assortment of foods with generous fistfuls of dry fruits thrown in to prove one’s social status is always trending during Diwali. Gift exchange is also of prime importance amongst the “haves”.That brings to mind two very antagonisingly patronizing advertisements on the idiot box these days… Both showing our “great indian benevolent seemingly salaried employer” showering gifts on their household help, a driver and a maidservant… So you manage to show the great Indian Urban Affluent Middle Class in a kindly light…

“Spare the menials and house-helps at least on festivals” should have been the message, but no; able bodied men and women in the house are shown being so ” tear jerkingly kind ” in the name of Diwali…as the helps are shown with poverty stricken awestruck looks, hanging around in the background as the festivities go on for the “upwardly mobile family”! Shame.Who pens these sickening sweet parables?

Positive aspect– “Change” as the house-helps get a place in the family picture! And get Mobile phones as Diwali gifts!

Negative aspect– nothing has changed for India and its feudal mentality! Servants are a must, to show ” we are doing well”!

“Sabko sanmati de bhagwan” ( part of a Hindu prayer- Please bless all with noble minds, O God) is all I pray on this day and nothing more.

12 thoughts on “Happy Diwali!

  1. What more could be said. Sush, you have collected the diaspora of the festival along with the present socio-politic and economic affairs.
    Very well penned.

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  2. This was such a brilliantly written piece. It highlights the dichotomy between the rich and the poor in our world and how much more needs to be done than just superficial gratitude, especially during the festive season!

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