Deepawali is here…

So much has changed since I wrote two years ago. Yet,amidst all that scathes the world, festivals arrive to remind us of the passage of time, the value of life and the real ways of purposeful living.

Deepawali is here. A beautiful festival of lights symbolising gratitude. Its a day of thanksgiving : Indian style. Add to that, some customised fireworks , just for fun! dears. The advocates of fireworks say, they are meant to ward off evil spirits lurking around our homes and neighbourhoods. 🎇 👹

I shall also pray to the God above and His representative deities Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha for the wellbeing of all. Although we are celebrating Lord Ram’s return to Ayodhya after his exile and his victory over Raavan… we observe it like a thanksgiving day, with love and gratitude to one and all; all who make my life livable in my beloved country. Additionally, we clean and decorate our homes to welcome in prosperity( spring cleaning for the lazybones☺️) I too have dedicated a couple of days to clean, decorate and cook for this festival, hope it pleases the gods above 🙏

Making a colorful rangoli,lighting of diyas, lamps, candles, fairy lights to highlight my abode and kicking off the celebrations with family and friends and lots of food is on the agenda. And gifts! As per tradition, new clothes, gifts and sweets have to be given to those who serve us. Exchanging gifts and sweets with family and friends follow soon after. Boxes of sweets just keep piling up on the dining table, and the glutton in me wants to sample out at least some of them right then! I have been on a lean diet since the beginning of this month in anticipation 😁Hope you too can grab a Laddu!

With so much of environment talks going on these days about firecrackers, I think outsourcing the light and sound show to the neighborhood should suffice. Sparkling colours lighting up the night sky is best enjoyed from afar.

My prayers to God for these joys to be endowed on everyone 💖 Wishing you all a bright and happy Deepawali 🙏🏻

Glimpses of Diwali from my archives