Villains in India

😜Here I am talking only silver screen…

Why villains today? Well, our festival of Epic proportions, Dusshera/ Vijayadashami/ Durga Puja just got over. Several villains were slain then in the prehistoric times. And this mega festival celebrates all of them and some more… So, I am back with my musings on what is currently raising a storm out here.😀

The Indian film industry introduced the concept to the common man, or else how could a mere human with a two dimensional (almost myopic vision) of another human in all his/ her facets.

Bollywood gave us one, in the form of a grungy, lascivious, unusually built, cunning eyed individual who was not only anti-hero, he was totally anti good. The prototype was made to fit all that followed on the silver screen and also stepped out of the screen and into our lives. We learnt to draw parallels between reel life and the real.

Then Bollywood gave stereotypes -faces to our Gods, Demons, Devils and Monsters. It suited our simple sensibilities, I guess. Then came the villains. From Raavan,Mahishasura, Mama Shakuni, Duryodhana to the evil invaders – Mongolian, Mughal and the British, followed by the breed of rich smugglers who were anti nation. These days, Bollywood is at providing a face fot the crook leaders of the Political Parties, Bureaucracy and Defence Forces ! Alll are painted with the same shade of negative Red.

So coming back to the point ; they recently re-did a Holy Epic in mega millions VFX mode and changed the looks of the mythological villain. And boy! We are angry. Our bad guy from the Epic was not this bad we say.

So, the storm brews…

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