This Year…

This January, why not start with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen to you. On the next new year’s eve, open it and see what an awesome year it has been.

Imagine what a life it has been for all of us… You tell me, is it worth it, all these plans, new year resolutions etc ? Shut inside our holes, masked up faces, sanitizing any human presence… simply praying to see just another day; unscathed. God managed to puncture the great human Ego. So it’s time to start with counting our blessings in reflection:

The lockdown proved it beyond doubt that we could all cook, or at least potter around the kitchen with productive results. God and government kept our food supplies running, thank God.

That home or the temporary shelter at one point of time was all that we needed with some food to go with it.

Dressing up for looking spruced up took a severe hit. Pajamas and the ‘home look’ replaced all. And no one dare complain!

That all our social life began at home. It was a test of all that we professed but never actually got to practice till 2020. A test most qualified at, saving a few.

Snatched moments of fresh air on the terrace, walking in solitude on deserted garden paths became the most beautiful experience. Alps can wait forever.

That most of us could swim through the murky waters because of the middle class habit of saving for the rainy day.

Throughout the lockdown, only one hankering thought always remained- “what if I never got to see my loved ones, in this lifetime ever again?” Most of them saw through the trying times with success so far. So I guess, it’s the year for living, loving and giving in return, to be practised and perfected by all.

That brings me to my moral science lessons in school from a book called “The Time is Now”. Nothing comes back, however hard you try so lets try to live only in the “Now”. No one can hold time ( unless of course you fly back and forth between time zones, just to hold time๐Ÿ˜€).

Here is a Hindi film song, celebrating similar thoughts, sung by my favourite Kishore Kumar, picturised on yester year cine star Dev Anand from the Bollywood movie Nau Do Gyarah…

10 thoughts on “This Year…

  1. I absolutely agree with your thought. It was a year of givingโ€ฆ love, hope and care. We have learnt to enjoy the little things in life and be grateful for it. Life is all about living well. We in the humdrum of everyday life, had somehow forgotten to enjoy it too.

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  2. Such thoughts must hv crossed everyone during this Pandemic but you hv put them so beautifully Sush. Thank you. Many also shook their souls and looked inwards to find power of silence and peace. I only wish that we carry forward these lessons into 2021 and make this world more humble.

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  3. And think of it …a tiny genetic material wrapped in protein coat was all that was needed to teach us the basic human values………loved your write up.๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ

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  4. And think of it …a tiny genetic material wrapped in protein coat was all that was needed to teach us the basic human values………loved your write up.๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚๐Ÿ

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