“People are watching… behave yourself!” admonitions that were used as laying stones in our growing years.

Grooming followed.

Elders always said- “This is how we reveal ourselves”. These tiny flashes of feelings, the reactions we can’t hide, the under the breath muttering, scowling and movements laden with temperament! The eyes,the face and the words loaded with meaning or the gestures talking hundreds of words…

“Don’t be so loud!” ( Mind you, we are not talking decibels here)

Have you noticed, it’s so interesting to be the third person witnessing a dialogue- any random scene at the bus stop, at the airport, supermarket or even in the living room of an acquaintance. Facial movements, hand gestures, body posture and choice of words all make our verbal and non verbal communications and presence in a society, so magically unique.

What am I driving at?

Art of concealment.

Thats all. And you thought I will come up with a better improved version of me 😁? No way.

The joys of living as a human are in these vagaries and quirks and non conformities. I am all for expression, loud and clear in my usual avatar, btw!

But mellower the years, smarter the concealment. Mature/ civilized/ cultured are thy names then. QED.

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