Have you heard of wicked problems? Systems thinking says, they are like pulling at a loose end hanging from a ball of entangled wire . Either it unravels or it squeezes into a tighter ball … so are temptations.You can completely abstain from it or if yielding to it: see yourself evolving into a new shade of you!

Oh ya!! Like doing all the bad stuff and dying an early death. From digging into a large serving of gooey chocolate mousse… to gluttony, to avarice, to overindulgence, to… to …simply letting go of all caution you can think of! There are more temptations on my list;those wicked ones- even a mention may cause hell to open up right underneath my feet, this very moment!

But if you have yielded to many such; what strength of veto you must have used to go against the right, and see what happensI am ready to face the consequences“. Imagine, imagine…

“Do you really think it is weakness that yields to temptation? I tell you that there are terrible temptations which it requires strength, strength and courage to yield to.”

— Oscar Wilde

10 thoughts on “Wicked!

  1. Seedhi baat no bakwaas 😂Looks like Oscar Wilde never had to face the trauma of lockdown in either Pandemic( Spanish or Covid ) .. he splurged , over indulged and May be died of guilt trips umpteen times ..😂not sure about the new borns and the toddlers but we and our growing children def went through a taxing times in last two years and learnt what self control and contentment is all about .. while the two wolves will continue to exist within us all .. the ever going fight will go On .. either will keep winning/loosing .. challenging our being is our inherent nature .. let’s keep enjoying ,let’s keep learning ,let’s keep growing and U dear Sush just keep writing ..
    love ur choice of topics .. ab jaldi sey compile all and take out ur book.. send me ur first copy pl😃❤️

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    1. Thank you so much buddy for finding time to read this one, I am so glad and simply loved your comment, direct “dil se”! Keep dropping in… I write microblogs when sundry thoughts threaten to become a spiel which no one has time for, you see … so I spare the world😁same goes for books 🙏🏻


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