Super 30!

Usually, I don’t do movies out here as I strongly believe in “to each his own” but today, I beg an exception. “Super 30″ is worth the words.

  • ‘From the Slumdog millionaire family, but better.
  • It’s so ploretariat but not of the alternate genre which is the unusual!
  • It talks of “change”.
  • You have the mysterious case of phi!Yes the golden ratio of beauty!
  • How the “Rickys” of India are pitched against the “Bholus” of the country – must see.
  • How Hritik has managed to tone himself down, successfully so, is not to be missed.

While the IIT thirsty students and their penury ridden teacher went without food in the film, my 11 year old who was supposed to get motivated out of his every living pore, kept licking cheese powder out of the emptying carton of cheese popcorn that I had so benevolently provided him with.The movie sent me home feeling guilty- for not doing anything for my land, my people back in Bihar n still trying to motivate a “comforts stricken pre-teenager” into feeling the need to join an IIT; to make the cut in this big bad merciless world.

“What did you learn from the movie?”

A wrong question to the apple of my eye!🙄

“Mamma, only poor children can clear IIT entrance!”


P.S-for my international readers,😁 please note that the following are specific to India:

1. Hrithik Roshan- Indian film star renowned for his inimitable dancing and action!

2. IITs(Indian Institutes of Technology) – hard to join as hard to crack entrance to these institutions in India.

3. Bholu (a commonly found name for a simple and innocent child of humble beginnings usually, especially in the northern part of India)

19 thoughts on “Super 30!

  1. Been travelling and haven’t yet watched but so very much can relate ..our children are privileged lot; love that honest one from Ronnie 😘😁👌my own brothers and many of my cousins ve all been a part of the system and grind .. on the positive note Anand Kumar is God to innumerables has made difference to umpteen lives and living ..kudos to Hrithik and the maker of the film. Look forward to this movie ..

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  2. Agree with the major part of your review Sushmita, however i really wish the lead actor was someone else. Maybe a more “natural” performer like Rajkumar Rao. Your pre- teens reaction is hardly surprising. I felt it too 😉

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  3. Haven’t been able to watch it due to tight schedule.
    I had the privilege of being part of his maths classes in Patna, so m pretty excited to see the movie…… But for me I was also surprised to know that Hritik being cast for Anand sir’s role who is so linked and grounded to his roots from Bihar

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  4. Point 1 : the real architect of “super 30” is Mr Abhayanand ex-DGP Bihar. (this was completely missed by producers of this movie)
    Point 2: Biharis are obsessed with IIT and IAS. Every parents think their child is useless if they don’t crack it. That’s the reason, these coaching institutes thrive
    Point 3: Bollywood glorifies negativity. To know the truth, one should visit Bhootnath road to see the reality of super 30.
    Children should be given sanskaar to succeed in life rather than forcing them to unrealistic dreams which unfortunately parents force upon them.

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      1. Absolutely. Indians saw blue collared gora saheb as powerful person in society. It, unfortunately, continued post independence. Hence, this lust of power. Secondly, dowry system in Bihar gave solid boost to these profession.

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  5. I get so irritated with this IIT and NEET etc and the total chaos regarding this. The inhuman pressure a student has to go through just make me mad. But yes I have read about him . Now reading your views am thinking of it. But over time I have repeatedly failed in convincing my kids to Indian films.
    I am really ashamed of myself. Hopefully I shall have some friends as company.
    Very often I too feel guilty of not being able to give back to the society even in meagre ways.

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