Dear Prime Minister

“I have failed”…said a doctor when he could not save his dear brother as Covid continues marauding and ravaging lives in my country…

Lofty talks of oxygen plants being set up, oxygen trains shuttling between states and provinces, world coming with medical aid to our doorstep while we continue with the ugly dance of democracy and democratic living? Prices of vaccines are becoming a point of national debate and amidst it all, the vaccine maker takes shelter in a foreign land. He says he fears for his life.Yet again we lost two dozen humans for want of oxygen last night along with 4000 others in the country.Its a country of 130 billions.

Voices can be heard, some roaring in dissent, but most others mumbling due to the fear of disloyalty tags… Religion and Ideology, they say is fuelled by good times… And we in the present times are sticklers of which ideology, pray tell me? So do we need it at this hour of crisis?Do we need an IPL cricket match when lives are being lost daily? National Mourning only for the people who ruled from high positions of power and not for the people who are India?

I as a citizen of this country would have found solace and succour in the words, if my Prime Minister had just stepped up onto the dais and said” Yes, it was a mistake to go ahead with the campaigning and the polls, that it was sheer foolhardiness to let the Kumbh congregate and that we were caught unawares by the virus…but I am here, my team is here and I will not allow any more precious lives to be lost…”

20 thoughts on “Dear Prime Minister

  1. so well put Sushmita.. While I have slightly different view on IPL (i believe it allowed us to go to a feel good space for few hours), rest of your message bang on!

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  2. Very well written! but yes I think IPL was a good entertainment between all the bad going on! That was one thing making people feel good. Although i agree that nobody’s life should be put at stake. Thats why now they have suspended the IPL. Its a sad news but nothing above the life of anyone 🙂 Lets hope for the best, and this shall pass soon!

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  3. well written sush …we have been raising voices a number of times ..but only when all religion come together show humanity before religion then only we can save lives …remember everyone has to face almighty one day no power works there

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  4. Right now inconsolable I am, for my friend whom we had tracked back just 3 weeks ago, we lost to COVID !!! Relatives, friends, their dear ones…the list is on and every morn dawns hesitantly for it is compelled to list more deaths !
    I wish your voice would sound loud & clear …reach the Heavens…for the earthly gods plead and promise heaven on earth, but as soon as our votes are theirs, their brains are cleared of empathy!

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  5. Hey Sushmita, well expressed but somehow did not like the idea of criticising our PM. He is doing what best is to be done , and we should appreciate .
    IPL was ok , and see it went off as soon as some players caught off guard.

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    1. I appreciate your opinion, however there was not an ounce of criticism but hoards of expectations expressed. He actually spoke back in response to my request ( I feel) and I respect him for that.


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