An abstraction.




Blue, grey, black, white,yellow, pink, orange, gold…

It’s one of the perks of being an earthling… you can have your own sky. Looking, gazing and wondering at it’s seamless expanse.

These months of lockdown have given me several beautiful days of beautiful skies.

Every time I look outwards, the endless blue is so soothing,so relaxing… At times,awash with a golden hue, at others in myriad shades of blue fading into white.

These are the moments when the mind is allowed to have empty thoughts, vacant feelings and a discourse with Zen.

Amazing word ‘zen’. For me it’s the sky. Let the questions take a back seat. Look upwards, ahead and lose yourself in the vast space above. Soar up, float amongst the clouds, calm the worries and envelope yourself with peace.

At times, it prompts me to capture the moment, save some shared snapshots and cherish the beautiful memories… Sharing my skies with all of you…

21 thoughts on “Sky

  1. Beautiful !!! Different colors of sky. A rainbow justifies the different colors of sky in your snaps. An artist can only see and take memorable shots…. ❤❤

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  2. Beautiful description ..actually this lockdown also made me look at sky its beauty when the cloud spreads or when the sun rises n sets n at times full of stars…thanks Sush for making me remember all those beautiful moments of watching the sky

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